Melania Trump Rallies To Support Donald Because She Feels Everyone Is Against Him, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports
3rd December 2018

Melania Trump stirred some rumors as she swatted Donald’s hand away or refused to hold it at a series of public appearances over the first year in the White House, but things may now be changing.

As Hollywood Life reports, the First Lady has been feeling more affection toward her husband — and more apt to show affection to him in public — in recent weeks thanks in part to her feeling like the world is against the First Couple. Citing an unnamed source, the story claims that Melania seems to buy into Trump’s “us against the world” mentality.

“They’ve always had this ‘us against the world’ mentality, and whenever Melania feels Donald is most under fire and attack is when she rallies and really comes through for him,” the source said.

“Contrary to what many people seem to think, Melania and Donald’s marriage is actually genuinely built on love, and when the chips are down, and Donald’s back is against the wall, Melania is at her most loyal and fierce.”

There could be another reason that Melania is more open to holding hands. The source said that Melania is a sucker the holidays, and always seems to be in a better frame of mind when Christmas is approaching.

This seems to be quite a change of pace from recent months when Hollywood Life ran other stories claiming that the couple could be headed for divorce. Other sources said that Melania felt humiliated by the very public unraveling of Donald’s extra-marital affairs, including one with Stormy Daniels that has led to the arrest of Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, and ultimately led Cohen to cooperate with investigators.

It wasn’t just the celebrity gossip outlet Hollywood Life claiming there was trouble with the First Couple. A previous report from Vanity Fair claimed that Melania had reached her “breaking point” as she remained in New York after Trump took up residence in the White House. At the time, there were widespread rumors that Melania may decide not to move to Washington and would live permanently in New York, but she ultimately ended up joining Donald after their son Barron’s school year ended.

Things do appear to be better in recent weeks, with Melania Trump joining her husband on a series of overseas trips after staying back more often during their first year in office. The couple will be together this week when they attend the funeral for George H.W. Bush.

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