Meghan Markle's Security Reportedly Offended Kendall Jenner
17th December 2018

Last Monday, in a rare public appearance that wasn’t somehow related to her duties as Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and her baby bump appeared at the Fashion Awards (formerly the British Fashion Awards), where she presented the Designer of the Year award to Clare Waight Keller, the Givenchy creative director who designed her wedding dress. It was a surprise showing, even for Keller, who also designed the dress Markle wore for the ceremony. (During a fitting, Markle had told Keller she was planning to wear the look to “this thing,” keeping it vague.)

Keller was seemingly delighted when Markle showed up; she called her work with the newly minted royal “amazing.” But it seems her royal presence was a bit too much for one Kendall Jenner, model and Kardashian with whom we keep up. According to TMZ, Jenner—as well as David and Victoria Beckham and Rita Ora—was hoping for an audience with the maybe-future-queen, and was denied. Markle apparently had a designated backstage area under the watch of Royal Protection officers and security guards throughout the night; when she wanted to leave said backstage area, the halls and stairs were kept clear.

Former Posh Spice and current womenswear designer Victoria Beckham can probably hang out with Markle on less formal occasions, given that they’re already great friends, so TMZ’s declaration that they were “up in arms about the intense security” might somewhat overstate the case. Jenner, too, is intimately acquainted with the ways in which tabloids can fan the barest embers of a controversy into a full-blown feud, so it bears wondering how much of a stink she really raised here.

It seems that now British and American tabloids alike are really eager to point out how Meghan Markle has ostensibly failed in her duties in literally every way, including an off-duty appearance at a fashion event to support a close friend during which she was not available enough for other friends. In the infinite wisdom of Jenner’s own mother, Kris: Meghan, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

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