Meghan Markle & Prince Harry ‘Genuinely Lovely, Happy’ In Their First Year Of Marriage, Per ‘Express’
4th January 2019

Despite all of the rumors about drama between Meghan Markle and her new royal family, it appears that she and Prince Harry are very happy together in their first year of marriage. Journalist Bryony Gordon spoke about the royal couple on ITV’s Lorraine, according to the Daily Express.

“They are so adorable. I saw them recently and genuinely lovely, happy, you know, first flushes of love, first year of being married. I’m like just you wait!”

Plus, Gordon revealed details from her lunch with the Duchess, adding that “She was lush! But it would have been like going out for lunch with you. We ate monkfish, she fed me some of hers, we swapped food.”

“We talked about yoga, she is, again, really lovely and normal and down-to-earth. I think if you put any family under a microscope you will find weird dynamics that could make headlines, but fundamentally I think they’re a really lovely couple.”

These positive reports come after weeks of negative publicity surrounding Meghan, including details on a supposed feud with Kate Middleton. Not to mention, Markle’s American family members are continuing to embarrass the Duchess with new interviews. On top of that, half-sister Samantha is promising her tell-all book soon.

At any rate, royal fans will be glad to hear this assessment of the couple. There’s been reports also that Harry is happier after quitting his alcohol consumption, which is also believed to extend to a caffeine ban. At the same time, there’s been a picture painted of Meghan that she’s controlling, including her own father saying as such during an interview.

This thought was further emphasized by reports that the Duchess had banned Harry from an annual hunting expedition on Boxing Day. However, the rumors were dispelled when the Prince showed up to join William for the hunt, with Meghan joining them afterwards.

Whatever the case, it appears that the couple is doing as well as ever. They certainly look happy and in love during public appearances, with fans appreciating all of their PDA moments.

And regardless of all of the negative press, it’s hard to refute Meghan’s popularity when looking at the positive effect she has on clothing brands. For example, the brand that was responsible for her wedding reception dress, Stella McCartney, experienced a 3,000 percent increase in searches. Plus, a crossbody bag that Meghan wore led to a huge surge in demand, with a 3,000 person wait list, according to E! News.

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