Meghan ‘dominant’ while Harry ‘childlike & vulnerable’ in documentary
8th December 2022

Harry & Meghan: Explosive trailer for Netflix documentary

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Body language expert Judi James analysed Harry and Meghan’s actions and facial expressions in the three newly launched episodes, giving fans an insight into the innings of the pair’s relationship. Netflix has described the Sussexes’ new documentary as “an unprecedented six-part documentary series that explores the span of their relationship, from the early days of the couple’s courtship to the challenges and controversies that prompted them to step back from the Royal Family”.

Judi told “It’s no surprise that Harry and Meghan show as a loving and devoted couple in the new Netflix documentary as their love story underpins the whole series, but the intensity of what looks like Harry’s anxiety over their relationship is a new angle.

“From the word go here we see Meghan portrayed as a happy, free-wheeling woman with a ‘career’ a ‘life’ and a ‘path’ before, as she says, rolling her eyes in mock dismissiveness, ‘along came H’.

“Harry tells us that Meghan ‘sacrificed everything to join me in my world’, showing clearly how he believes the luck balanced heavily in his favour when they met.

“His life as a Prince is shown as hellish thanks to press intrusion while Meghan had the joyful, fun life of a high profile, successful US actress.”

The body language expert continued: “As a result we see the couple together on the sofa, with Harry using the eye-checking signals to suggest he is tuned into a more confident and perhaps more relaxed-looking Meghan.

“Meghan is happy sharing their first date experiences, where she was making judgments over his type of ego when he turned up late.

“As Meghan takes a more dominant tone about his late arrival Harry’s facial expression seems to regurgitate the anxiety he felt at the time and still now in retrospect that she might not have dated him again.”

Judi went on to reiterate that Harry seemed the more anxious of the pair while they spoke to the interviewer, as the Prince’s actions are even “childlike”, she claimed.

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“Harry’s signals become childlike and vulnerable as he mock-whispers to the interviewer that Meghan was late for their second date,” Judi said.

“And Meghan’s expression as her head snaps round suggests a maternal slant to their relationship, as well as the more passionate side we were shown in a series of very revealing photos.”

Harry spoke a lot about the late Princess Diana in the documentary, and the way it is filmed, showing Meghan with her children, even suggests similarities between herself and her mother-in-law.

Judi added: “Harry even says that the ‘amazing woman’ Meghan is ‘so similar to my mum’.

“We see comparisons of Diana with her boys and Meghan with her two children and, presumably, the similarities that Harry sees helped create his love for his wife, but might also stoke his anxiety that Meghan will also leave him for similar reasons, or even because he was late on their first date.

“As parents, Harry and Meghan are shown combining a totally besotted love for their children that includes proximity and protection with a desire to allow them the kind of feelings of freedom that Harry seems to mourn for in his own childhood.

“Unlike Harry, Archie has no older brother to play with and to have watch out for him in the way we are shown William doing to Harry, but we are shown Archie running off ahead of his parents on beaches and in the country.

“We also see scenes of either him or his sister strapped to Meghan in a baby carrier as she goes out to feed the chickens in an everyday rural scene.”

Judi continued: “Harry seems to have used what he sees as the suffering of his own childhood to create an idyllic one for his own children.

“Many of the problems with the paparazzi and the press began when Harry made his way out into the world on his own though – going to school and then through his teenage years, and watching Harry’s anguish describing his own struggles should mean he has many years of anxiety ahead keeping his children away from any similar public pressure.”

While Harry and Meghan talked to the interviewer for the documentary, they sat in various rooms in their home, showing fans glimpses of the interior design.

In one scene, Meghan is sitting on a cream armchair with huge windows behind her displaying a view of the Pacific Ocean. In another, Harry and Meghan are sitting on a grey sofa, with cream walls and plants behind them.

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