Meet woman with Jeffrey Dahmer tattoo who has no regrets despite public disgust
26th September 2022

A woman with huge Jeffrey Dahmer portraits tattooed across her leg has no regrets – even though she has been hounded online.

The Milwaukee cannibal is back on people’s lips after a new series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, was released on Netflix.

But Britnee Chamberlain not only has one of America’s most prolific serial killers on the tip of her tongue, he is permanently branded on her body too.

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The 28-year-old, who is fascinated by serial killers, also has Ted Bundy inked to her leg – but her preferred piece is the unmissable Dahmer display.

And while many viewers were left “physically sick” after stomach churning cannibal scenes were aired on the show, Britnee has the words “if you can’t beat em, eat em” etched to her skin.

Dahmer reigned for 13 years before being caged for the murders of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He served three years behind bars before being beaten to death by another inmate in 1994.

Despite his atrocities, which involved necrophilia and cannibalism, Britnee is adamant she is not glorifying him.

She told Daily Star: “I can say that my favourite piece of the sleeve is the quote by Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Now that’s not to say I envision it in the way he did. But metaphorically speaking not feeling defeated by others and pursuing nonetheless, no matter the difficulty for you.”

And speaking with this publication in December, she added: “I don’t condone the hostile crimes of serial killers by any means. I am simply intrigued as to why they do it.

“There are so many contributing factors such as socio-environmental, biological and psychological aspects that encourage or result in a criminal acting out in the way they do.

“And it’s fair to say that not all of them are coherent or sane enough to realise this is not a sense of normalcy in society.”

She continued: “They’re not given voices or outlets to speak up, reach out for help and or support before it’s too late. The way I have designed the sleeve is to deter glorification for artistic expression.

“Thousands of people each year get fictional characters tattooed on them like Hannibal and Freddy Kreuger. They are all serial killers yet this portrayal is accepted as it’s not real – now riddle me that.”

Britnee, who is from Sydney, splashed out over £1,500 on the controversial tatts and her loved ones were “initially surprised” when she revealed them for the first time – but they held “absolutely no judgement” against her.

Social media users meanwhile were a lot more vociferous with their opinions.

Writing on Instagram, tattoo enthusiast Kaitlin Burch said: “Do you realise how disgusting this is? You can be interested by serial killers. Watch a documentary, become a psychologist, or a criminologist. Victims of these killers are still alive.

"Imagine one of their family members or the victims seeing this on you. You are fetishising real life murderers and it absolutely disgusts me. Enjoying horror and loving FICTIONAL characters is 10000% different than this shit. Ew.”

Despite the criticism, Britnee remained unfazed and simply replied: “Thank you for your personal opinion, I’ll put it with the rest.”

And referring to online backlash, she said: "If I was worried about what others think I wouldn’t be staying true to myself and living a life of authenticity.

"People are always going to have their own opinions but who is to say any of those opinions or choices are right or wrong?

"Having these displayed on my body is solely for my own personal meaning, as is for someone who has a beloved pet, initials of a loved one or perhaps a silly joke tattooed on theirs."

The heinous acts of infamous killers inspired Britnee to study forensic psychology and she is passionate about understanding how their criminal minds operate.

She even revealed she wanted four more killers immortalised on her skin – including Jack the Ripper and Ed Gein.

And she said most people in real life react with curiosity rather than cruelty.

“They certainly do [stop me on the street] and I welcome it and 95% of those ask questions or recognise one and give credit to the artwork and artist as well as take photos to show their friends as they’re wildly intrigued," she laughed.

“The other 5% just stare and back away slowly."

The new 10-part series is largely told from the points of view of Dahmer’s victims and the notorious killer is played by American Horror Story star Even Peters.

Reacting to the gruesome show, one person wrote: "I watched 11 minutes of the new Jeffrey Dahmer series and had to turn it off because it was too scary," while a fourth echoed: "I had to turn that Jeffrey Dahmer s**t off. I can’t watch s**t like that."

A second added: "That Jeffrey Dahmer show has me sick to my stomach."

A third meanwhile said: “This Dahmer series is one of the most disturbing things I have ever watched and I feel like I have a pretty high threshold. Not sure I’m gonna be able to finish it.”


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