McDonald’s fans say it’s national outrage that Chicken Legend isn’t back on menu
17th January 2022

McDonald's fans have called it a "national outrage" as a popular item hasn't returned to the menu.

Customers are raging about the fact that the Chicken Legend hasn't come back, despite talks of its return.

The fast food giant removed the burger back in November to make way for the delicious Christmas menu.

Fans assumed it was a temporary decision and that the Chicken Legend would come back.

The chain said how the Chicken Legend range would return in January after the festive selection ended on December 28.

Now foodies are demanding McDonald's to bring it back and have made their frustration very clear on Twitter.

One said: "Please someone tell me when the Hot and Spicy Chicken Legends are coming back, it's my favourite and I'm missing it."

Another wrote: "When are you bringing back the Chicken Legend @msdonaldsuk this is a national outrage at this point."

A third exclaimed: "Right when is the Chicken Legend back I'm getting pretty desperate now?"

While a fourth McDonald's fan claimed they were "on their knees screaming" for the chicken favourite.

And with the launch of the vegan McPlant burger, fans were fuming even more.

One raged: "We get a McPlant but no Chicken Legend? Get a grip."

Daily Star has approached McDonald's for comment, but the chain is unable to provide an update at this current moment.

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Out of 102 customer reviews as of January 2022, 62 were terrible, 11 were poor and 13 were average.

Complaints include "orders are almost never ever complete" and "poor food quality".

Others moaned about "greasy" and "cold" food that was "poorly wrapped".

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