Massive Amazon delivery leaves hundreds of boxes stacked as tall as the house: 'Only in Florida'
10th August 2021

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What’s in the boxes?

A series of posts on TikTok have gone viral after they revealed a Florida resident’s huge Amazon delivery. While it’s not unusual for people to get a large number of packages delivered, this took things to a new level.

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TikTok user Cassie5616 posted the video to her account, which shows a mountain of boxes outside of her apparent neighbor’s house. The boxes stacked up nearly to the top of the singlestory house and were several rows deep.

Since uploading the footage, it has been viewed more than 2.6 million times.

Another TikTok user, Tierra Lopez, who says that she’s Cassie’s daughter, also shared videos of the massive delivery. 

In one video which was viewed 1.2 million times, Lopez wrote that she went outside “to smell the roses” when she noticed the massive pile of boxes. She captioned the video “Only in Florida.”

Since then, both accounts have uploaded further videos of more boxes being delivered. In the most recent update, a moving van was spotted outside of the house and it appears the boxes were being loaded into the van.

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One video appears to show a tarp covering the massive pile, which had taken over almost the entire driveway by that point.

Some users on TikTok speculated that the neighbor may have been an Amazon seller who was kicked off the site and lost their space in the Amazon warehouse. Other users, however, commented that the boxes appear to be packaged like normal deliveries.

Many users’ comments said they were curious to know what was in the boxes.

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