Marvel’s Former Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada Signs First-Look Deal With Amazon
30th March 2023

Joe Quesada, the former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, has signed a first-look film and TV deal with Amazon Studios.

Under the deal, Quesada will develop film and TV projects with a particular focus on adapting comic book IP, including both new and existing titles.

“I can’t begin to express just how thrilled I am to be joining the Amazon Studios family,” Quesada said. “From the moment Nick Pepper, Matt King, and the team approached me, it was clear we spoke the same language and shared the same creative goals. What was also clear is that they’re creating a collaborative environment and unique methodology that I’m surprised no one has yet thought to implement, but I’m certain will be quickly imitated.”

During his time at Marvel, which spanned over two decades, Quesada was known for helping to produce some of the best-known storylines in company history. Those include “Civil War,” “Age of Ultron,” as well as characters like Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel.

“Joe has been a singular and influential creative force guiding some of the most iconic storytelling that exists today,” said Nick Pepper, Head of US SVOD Wholly Owned Development for Amazon Studios. “The opportunity to bring his expertise and vision to Amazon Studios presents a world of possibilities and we can’t wait to see what he brings to life next.”

This will not be the first time Quesada has been involved in the world of film and television. He was also formerly the chief creative officer of the now defunct Marvel Entertainment division. In that role, he was part of the creative committee for a number of early Marvel Studios releases. He also served as an executive producer on the Marvel-Netflix shows, including “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” and “Luke Cage,” as well as the ABC series “Agents of SHIELD.”

Quesada is repped by RBEL and Lichter Grossman.

Bringing in Quesada comes as Amazon has found success with a number of titles based on comic books. Those include the hit live-action series “The Boys” and the animated series “Invincible.” Amazon is also currently at work on a number of shows tied to the Spider-Man universe, including Silk and Spider-Man Noir.

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