Man left mortified as someone sends him ‘knicker sniffer’ package in the post
14th January 2021

A man was left mortified after one of his mates stitched him up by sending a "knicker sniffer" package in the post.

The Knicker Sniffer service allows people to embarrass their friends, family or enemies by sending knickers in the post, emblazoned with the Knicker Sniffer packaging.

The man, named Harry, took to his Twitter page to tell his 5,530 followers that he'd been a victim of the prank.

He shared a photo of his Knicker Sniffer package, alongside the pair of white knickers, onto his page, as fellow social media users were in hysterics.

The package read: "Genuine used knickers. Guaranteed gym day wear."

It also has written on it: "Delivered soiled and sealed for maximum please," and "wore for at least 48 hours".

Harry joked: "Fair play to whoever sent these like hahahaha, that's me never answering the door to the postman again."

The post quickly began going viral, as it racked up 1,200 likes.

One asked him: "Did ya have a good sniff?" as Harry replied: "They're brand new unfortunately like, ne skids to be seen [sic]."

A second Twitter user joked: "Don’t forget to send them back if their past their Smell-by Date."

While a third bantered: "Do they fit okay or do you want the receipt?"

And a fourth wrote: "Hahaha, I'm not going to ask…"

The Knicker Sniffer packages are available online for £4.99 a pop to any pranksters who want to get in on the fun.

A description on the website reads: "The easiest way to embarrass friends, family or just that annoying bloke across the road! All you need to do is tell us where it’s going and we’ll do the rest."

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