Man, 28, who identifies as ‘breatharian’ claims he lives on air and sunlight
10th December 2018

A pizza delivery man who identifies himself as a ‘breatharian’ claims mediation has helped him to collect all the nutrients he needs from the air and can survive on just 100 calories a week.

Khai Ho, 28, from Birkenhead, Liverpool, would often refuse his mothers meals as a child, claiming he has never felt hunger and food has never appealed to him.

But over the last four years Khai, a healthy 13 stone in weight, claims that his commitment to the Hindu form of mediation has enabled him to give up food for three months at a time, only eating mints to stop the ‘bitter taste’ in his mouth.

Despite fasting for long periods of time, the pizza delivery driver says that he never struggles to resist the food he delivers to customers and that he has never been happier or healthier.

He said: "I felt that this was something that I should have done my whole life.

"I have never really felt hunger and never took much interest in food as a child.

"My mum was always worried about me and still is, she often cooks for me and I have to tell her not to bother as I won’t touch it.

"I could never really embrace that state of consciousness that I was after until about four years ago when it became more serious.

"Before that I was maybe eating every three or four days but now I can go months without food or water and even then only have a mint or so to take away any bitter taste in my mouth.

"It’s an amazing feeling, I’m fully conscious of my mind and I’ve never felt so great. I’m fully aware of my surroundings.

"People think I’m crazy but incredible at the same time."

Khai claims that he gathers his nutrients from the sunlight around him and that he can even take in moisture that he needs from the air.

Inedia or breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food or water and Khai only eats small amounts of food and little water while mainly surviving on mints or chewing gum for a fresh taste.

Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hindu religion.

The 38-year-old claims that since embracing this unusual way of life that he now looks half his age and that a previous liver problems has also improved thanks to his prolonged periods of fasting.

He said: "It made me very aware of my surroundings and so awake that I often struggle to sleep.

"I suffered from pain with a liver problem and that has now gone thanks to mediation and fasting.

"I now know how to heal the human body internally and naturally from many major diseases.

"I never feel weighed down but people must be guided in this way of life as you can never be sure how others may reacted to it.

"The advice is that men need 2,500 calories a day to survive but I have proven the experts wrong."

Khai has no regrets about giving up the grub although it can be a little awkward when meeting in social situations but that if he was to met the love of his life he would at least give a romantic meal a try.

He said: "When I meet up with friends I normally arrange to do something else like shopping or going for walks as when we go for food I sit there while everyone else tucks in.

"I would never try and stop people eating around me because everyone is free to do as they want.

"If I were to go for a romantic meal I would have to at least give it a try and that would be very fair on my date.

"I do save a lot of money though as I never have to do any food shopping.

"It’s a miracle that you can live this way but I’m living proof."

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