Make-up artist uses herself as a canvas to look sketched and BEHEADED
7th March 2019

Architect turned makeup artist uses herself as a canvas to create incredible optical illusion transformations – including characters from Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Lilliam Baez, 39, who lives in California, channels looks from her favourite films
  • Former architect uses her skill to highlight causes she feels passionate about
  • In one look she appears as Marvel’s Groot beheaded to highlight deforestation
  • Some look as if she has been drawn, but it is actually her with ‘sketch makeup’

A former architect who traded in her career designing houses to become a makeup artist shows off her incredible special-effects looks to her 58,000 Instagram followers.  

Lilliam Baez, 39, who is originally from the Dominican Republic but now lives in California, channels looks from her favourite movies – and also uses her skills to highlight causes she’s passionate about.

Some of her looks include a beheaded Groot from Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy, which highlights the rate of deforestation, and one where she has a ‘strong metallic arm’ – which was used as part of her ‘no violence against women’ campaign.  

But while she works full-time as a makeup artist, talented Lilliam revealed she hasn’t given up architecture entirely, and would head back if ‘the right project comes along’.

Lilliam Baez, 39, who lives in California, uses makeup to create special effects. Above, pictured as Groot, from Guardian of the Galaxy – but she has been beheaded to highlight the rate of deforestation

In another look, Lilliam, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, appeared the spitting image of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen. She even painted on her signature dress and used prosthetics to show she was the mother of dragons 

While it’s hard to choose, Lilliam’s favourite pieces of art are the ones she’s created to help raise awareness of violence against women and also climate change.  

‘Those are two causes I’m very passionate about,’ she said. ‘Having a deep meaning to your work makes the difference I think.’

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The artist also recreates looks from movies and comic books because she ‘loves superheroes’.

‘I’m like a little girl fan,’ she explained. ‘Any time I get to do one of them is amazing. ‘I don’t do a lot of cosplay but I feel really drawn to it. I would love to make costumes and props. I’ve always loved crafts.’

Lilliam told Femail her favourite looks were ones she’s created in the hope of raising awareness for violence against women, including the look above, which was created using just makeup

In another look, which Lilliam created for a series campaigning for an end to violence against women, she appeared to be peeling off her skin to expose a coat hanger

For Lilliam, becoming a makeup artist seemed like a natural development as she has loved art since she was a little girl. 

‘Makeup got my attention at an early age because I was a girl with low self-esteem,’ she said. ‘I thought that if I use the light and shading techniques I learned in my painting classes and applied it on my face, then I could correct the things I didn’t like.’

She added: ‘That helped me practice and my friends started asking me to do their makeup. I loved it and fell in love with the experience.’

But it wasn’t her first choice of career, as the talented 39-year-old originally trained as an architect. It was there that she started doing makeup on the side, for special events and weddings, and realised it was a career she wanted to pursue.   

Lilliam also uses her body to create looks, including one where she had a ‘strong metallic arm’ that was used as part of her no violence against women campaign (above)

Lilliam created this look for the first in the series of Earth Day, which she said was designed to show how humanity is ‘exploding the earth and  sucking our own life’. She is passionate about climate change and uses her makeup to highlight this

‘Makeup was my real passion,’ said Lilliam. ‘I love architecture, but makeup lets me be myself. ‘Today as a grown woman that’s worked hard on my self-esteem, I use makeup because I love it, not because I feel like need it.’

Since she started debuting her quirky looks on Instagram, Lilliam has racked up an impressive 59, 000 followers – which comes with it’s own ups and downs. 

‘It’s great to have a community supporting you since you started and they keep giving me so much inspiration and energy,’ she said. 

‘Sometimes I feel like quitting, and that’s the other side of the coin, because it is very demanding, time-consuming and you can get lost in the likes and engagement.’ 

Lilliam got to the final 12 in the NYX Face Awards where she created this incredible look, where she appeared to be a giant mouth. The category was ‘The Power of Makeup’

Red Riding Hood was the inspiration behind this look from Lilliam. Creating the in ‘comic book’ style, she deliberately made it look as if she had been drawn. Her clothes and her hood are also painted on

In another from Lilliam’s Earth Day series, she appears to be melting. She also appears drawn as she has sketches around her eye. She uses a pale pink of her lips to emphasis the effect

‘But then I get this random message from a follower telling me how I have inspired them to pursue their dreams and then is totally worth it. People have recreated my looks and it feels amazing!

She added: ‘It’s the greatest honour you can have. I even have a space on my Instagram account where I share some of those recreations’.

And for anyone hoping to pick up some makeup tips from the expert, Lilliam has the perfect advice.

‘There’s nothing better than practising and learning from others,’ she said. ‘Being open to learning from anybody. There’s always something new you can learn that can be applied to your technique and make it better.’

This look was created in tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. While at first glance it seems her ‘jacket’ is a replica of the one worn in the iconic 1984 video, it’s actually painted on

In this look, the former architect appears to be straight out of a comic book. The inspiration behind this makeup is Barbie

Elsa from Frozen is the aim of this look Lilliam created. She admitted she used tape to help keep her eyes closed while she was painting

Lilliam appeared to be lifted straight from the pages of a comic book with this look. She painted on a shirt and tie, and used black lines to changed the shape of her face

And while Lilliam mostly keeps her looks for inside the studio, she sometimes heads out in her more scary attire.  

‘It’s very rare but I have done it!’ she said. ‘Or my clients have even though the makeup was for a photo shoot. They do it just to see the reaction. It’s pretty funny actually.’

As for the cherry on the cake, the talented makeup artist has now won a scholarship to Cinema Makeup School, which is a ‘dream come true’. 

She added: ‘Every time I get a comment from one someone from my home country saying they are proud of me and that I’m representing our country, my heart gets filled with love and gratitude.’

While at first this appears as a sketch, this is actually Lilliam covered in makeup and body paint. It’s inspired copycat looks as part of the ‘sketch makeup’ trend, where people use products to make themselves appear drawn

Lilliam painted herself blue and wore a prosthetic ‘bald wig’ to create this Earth Day look, which she hopes highlights the effect oil is having on the earth

Appearing without a neck is a theme through many of Lilliam’s looks, including this one. She said it hopes to show that you should ‘trust your heart, but use your head’

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