Lydia Bright is a spitting image of mum Debbie as she shows off new white blonde hair
19th July 2021

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Former TOWIE star Lydia Bright is the latest celeb to join the light blonde brigade, after switching up her usually-honey blonde tresses for a fresh, clean shade of ashy blonde.

The tone perfectly suits her skin, but we think she already knew that ahead of going for the makeover, as mum Debbie Bright has been wearing that colour (and looking great with it) for years.

Lydia shared a first look at her new hue over on Instagram the other week, but has taken to Instagram Stories over the weekend to give her 1.2 million followers a close-up look.

“Successful day shooting a new hair campaign. Yes, that’s a full glass of wine,” she captions the stunning snap.

Her blue eyes pop against the new ashy shade of blonde, and we can’t help but notice just how much she looks like Debbie, 57, in the stunning snap.

You could be forgiven for thinking the star just fancied a change of tone for the sunshine season, but Lydia actually says she switched to a more grey shade of blonde so that it would be easier for her to hide grey strands.

“Now there’s no reason to worry about my greys coming through!” she writes underneath the short grid video showing off her look.

“Loretta went on a two day holiday with my family and came back to a brand new mumma.”

Fans were quick to compliment Lydia on her hair, with some wondering if she really had greys showing through at the young age of 30.

“I bet you had no grey hairs coming through yet at your age, did you Lydia?” wonders one.

“Yes I started getting greys this year. I think it’s Loretta’s energy taking its toll on me,” the star jokes back, implying her 17-month-old is the root cause of her ageing.

“Embracing the greys is the way to go!” another fan comments.

There’s no word yet on the hair campaign Lydia has been busy shooting for, but we can’t wait to shop whatever she’s selling!

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