Louis Vuitton is going to court over a poop-shaped toy
1st January 2019

Company behind ‘Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn’ toy that POOPS glittery goo is taking Louis Vuitton to COURT – after the designer tried to stop them from selling a ‘Pooey Puitton’ carrying case

  • The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is a colorful $49.99 unicorn toy that has grown quite popular in recent months
  • Kids feed it slime mix, sit it on a ‘glitter potty,’ and then press its heart-shaped bellybutton to make slime come out of a heart-shaped hole on its rear
  • One expansion kit, the Pooey Puitton carrying case, looks like a poo-shaped Louis Vuitton logo bag
  • Louis Vuitton has allegedly been trying to stop production of the toy
  • Now MGA Entertainment, which makes it, filed a preemptive suit to stop any future claims of trademark infringement  

The company behind one of the season’s hottest and most bizarre toys is now going up against one of the biggest fashion designers in court — and it’s all over a poop-shaped toy purse.

MGA Entertainment makes the ‘Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn,’ a colorful unicorn toy that poops out colorful slime from a heart-shaped hole in its rear.

Poopsie has been growing more and more in-demand in recent months, with shoppers snapping up both the unicorns and their expansion packs, which include a colorful poop-shaped carrying case called ‘Pooey Puitton’ — and, unsurprisingly, this hasn’t been sitting well with lawyers over at the high-end design house Louis Vuitton.

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What a twist! The company behind the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn – and the ‘Pooey Puitton’ carrying case (pictured) – are taking Louis Vuitton to court

Similarities: Louis Vuitton has allegedly been trying to block the sale of Pooey Puitton, which they say looks too much like their own colorful monogram bags

The original Poopsie toys come in four different versions with colorful bodies, neon hair, and playful outfits.

Kids feed it a special mixture using the included bottle, shake up the unicorn, and the bush a button on its stomach to make colorful slime come out of it rear end into a toilet.

Expansion packs offer more accessories, bottles, and slime varieties, as well as fun carrying cases to tote all the pieces around.

One of these carrying cases, which sells for $69.99, is called the Poopsie Pooey Puitton Slime Surprise Slime Kit & Carrying Case. Though it’s shaped like a swirling pile of poo, much like the poo emoji, it still bares a striking resemblance to one of Louis Vuitton’s colorful logo bags.

There are no LVs, but there are similar shapes in a similar color palette, and the handles are of the same beige design. 

Shoppers had commented on the similarities, but surprisingly, it wasn’t Louis Vuitton but MGA Entertainment that filed the lawsuit last month.

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Christmas list: The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is a colorful unicorn toy that has grown popular in recent months. It ‘poops’ out colorful slime

Designer dump: The brand also sells expansion packs, including this Louis Vuitton-esque bag, which is causing problems

Toy: MGA Entertainment is seeking a judgement that could stop Louis Vuitton from suing for copyright infringement, claiming non one would mistake Pooey Puitton for Louis Vuitton

According to The Fashion Law, Louis Vuitton had been trying to shut down production of Pooey Puitton behind the scenes, so on on December 28 MGA filed a a declaratory judgment action to preemptively block any legal claims they might make.

According to the complaint: ‘On or around December 7, 2018, Louis Vuitton claimed to one of MGA’s customers that the Pooey name and Pooey product infringed upon or diluted one or more of Louis Vuitton trademarks.’

However, MGA claims that ‘no reasonable consumer would mistake the Pooey product for a Louis Vuitton handbag’ and that it is ‘sufficiently obvious and blatant’ parody.

‘The use of the Pooey name and product in association with a product line of “magical unicorn poop” is intended to criticize or comment upon the rich and famous, and the Louis Vuitton name, the LV marks, and on their conspicuous consumption,’ it went on.

They also asserted that Louis Vuitton ‘has a history of not respecting parody rights in the U.S. and filing vexatious lawsuits against such protected parody,’ which is why they believe the court should intervene to block any future suits Louis Vuitton might make. 

Though it is likely that Louis Vuitton will fight the declaration, the feud between the two companies doesn’t seem to be putting a damper on the toy’s popularity just yet.  

All things girly: The unicorns, which have colorful hair and sparkly horns, come with crop tops and diapers

Anatomically correct? Slime comes out of a heart-shaped hole on the unicorn’s bottom

In action: The toy is activated using a heart-shaped button on its stomach that then produces the ‘poop’ slime

Poopsie has proven to be a rather unlikely hit at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target this festive season.

The toy, which retails for $49.99, went viral earlier this fall thanks to attention-grabbing commercials and extended YouTube ads in which little girls unbox and play with Poopsie, demonstrating how to use the toy and then playing with the sparkly goo that comes out her rear.

There are four different Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorns, and they come in boxes that hide the content — so which one a child gets is a surprise.

They have names like Dazzle Darling, Whoopsie Doodle, Rainbow Brightstar, and Oopsie Starlight.

All come in pastel colors and have big eyes with long lashes, sparkly gold or silver horns on their heads, and rainbow streaked hair. 

They wear tiny unicorn crop tops and each comes with a colorful plastic diaper that can be clipped on and off as and when the unicorn needs to go to the toilet.

Sugar rush! Kids can feed the unicorn a special mix of ‘unicorn food’ via a bottle that looks like a 7-11 Slurpee

Rainbows everywhere! They have names like Dazzle Darling, Whoopsie Doodle, Rainbow Brightstar, and Oopsie Starlight, and the one you get is a surprise

Well isn’t that nice? When the heart-shaped bellybutton is pushed, slime ‘poo’ comes out a heart-shaped butt hole

So… chic? Another expansion pack comes with more slime packets, a Chanel No. 5 inspired bottle labeled ‘Chasmell,’ and a poop-shaped keychain for storing slime

To play with the toy, a child mixes the powdered ‘unicorn food’ — which comes in different colors — with water inside the provided ‘bottle,’ which looks like a 7-11 Slurpee.

They then shake the toy before sitting it on the included glitter potty. A heart-shaped button on her belly is pressed, releasing slime from a heart-shaped hole on her bottom.

The toy also comes with a spoon, a hairbrush, and a cleaning tool, while expansion packs include more bottles and slime colors.

It is quickly becoming an ‘It’ toy of the 2018 holiday season.

Speaking to the New York Post, CEO of MGA Entertainment Isaac Larian, whose company makes the unicorns, estimated that they’ll sell 650,000 around the world.

Growing in popularity: Unboxing videos by the brand have gone viral and made it and ‘It’ toy for the holiday season

Look at her go! After the unicorn is shaken up, it sits on the potty and a child can press its belly button

Seems messy? The potty fills with slime that the kids can then play with

In fact, they’ve been so popular so far that some parents complained to the Post that Target and Walmart sold out when they tried to buy (though both sites have since restocked.

The toy has been getting rave reviews on sites like Amazon, with parents saying their children (usually aged five to ten) love it.

Some admitted to caving despite not wanted to purchase it, but were pleased with the results. 

Wrote one: ‘I swore up and down I wouldn’t purchase one of these. Guess I don’t have the right kind of imagination. My 6 year old loves this and wants more. Go Figure. It’s not as gross as it sound.’

A few have complained that the slime and glitter are messy, some have griped that it’s too complicated, and at least one warned that the unicorns can get ‘constipated’ and the goo won’t come out at all.

‘The water immediately congealed everything in the upper passage and nothing further went down,’ mom Deborah J. Bernardi wrote. 

The newest fad: The toy has received good reviews online, with mostly girls ten and under loving it

The slime can be stored in poop-shaped keychains that resemble the poop emoji


‘I spent a subsequent 20 minutes eradicating the blockage with tubing and silverware and tweezers and finally relieved every last bit of glittery vomit (not poop). 

‘The second and third attempts went exactly the same… there was ultimately no unicorn poop or tears, only my daughter’s sadness reflected each time. I should have returned it after the second failed attempt and now we are stuck with a really terrible $60.00 constipated unicorn. 

‘They should have sent a bottle of Miralax along with it.’

Though the loose-boweled magical creature is certainly raising eyebrows, it’s hardly the first toy marketed to little girls to soil a diaper.

Baby Alive dolls, which first made their debut in 1973, also eats a special mix of powder and water and ‘pee’ and ‘poop’ it out thanks to battery-powered mechanisms.

Later versions of the Baby Alive doll even talked, saying things like ‘Did I make a stinky?’ and ‘Uh-oh! I made a poo-poo.’ 

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