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11th December 2018

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Latest “CBS This Morning” Podcast original: 

David Martin Celebrates 35 Years as a CBS News Correspondent


Only on the “CBS This Morning” podcast, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin looks back on his 35 years of reporting for CBS with senior national correspondent Jim Axelrod. Martin discusses how his time serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War inspired him to pursue a career in journalism, how he got – and almost lost – his first job as a CBS news researcher in 1969 and what he says is the sign of a great on-air correspondent.

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Author Liane Moriarty on the success of Big Little Lies and her new book | Audio

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hims CEO on cutting out the middleman | Audio

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals | Audio

Making poetry relevant and compelling to a new generation | Audio

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Up and Vanished’s Payne Lindsey on working to make a difference | Audio

Cindy McCain reflects on her husband, Sen. John McCain’s legacy | Audio

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and her mom open up to Gayle King | Audio

Inside the Dannemora Prison Break and Manhunt | Audio

Gary Vaynerchuk on entrepreneurship, building schools across the globe and the NY Jets | Audio

What you need to know about your thyroid | Audio

Comedian Chris Gethard on baring his soul, thriving in chaos and redefining success | Audio

Improving your habits by starting small, says habits expert James Clear | Audio

Brooks Running CEO on creating the perfect running shoe | Audio

Presidential Leadership. Lincoln, the Roosevelts and LBJ | Audio

“The Hate U Give” author on her inspiration, code switching and censorship | Audio

“House of Cards”‘ Michael Kelly on the final season | Audio

CDC Director on the opioid crisis, the flu and researching gun violence | Audio

Shopping via text: Walmart’s new shopping service in NYC | Audio

National Review’s Reihan Salam makes the case for rethinking the immigration debate | Audio

Author Khaled Hosseini on the refugee crisis | Audio

A Guide to Scottish Single Malt Whiskey | Audio

Casper, Disrupting the Mattress Industry | Audio

Radio icon Delilah opens up to Gayle King | Audio

Examining the Role of Commander in Chief | Audio

Reporting on the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal | Audio

Chef René Redzepi on opening Noma 2.0 and why fermentation is the future | Audio

Musician Tom Morello on new album and its EDM influence | Audio

23andMe CEO and co-founder on protecting customers’ data and privacy | Audio

Defining Masculinity. Tackling Gender. | Audio

Author Michael Lewis on the chaos of the 2016 presidential transition | Audio

Resy: Enhancing the Restaurant Experience | Audio

Actress Kathleen Turner Bluntly Reflects On Her Career | Audio

Former Cisco chairman John Chambers on the need to evolve and disrupt or get left behind | Audio

Duels, canings & armed members of Congress. The fighting on Capitol Hill that lead to the Civil War. | Audio

Former super-agent Michael Ovitz on winning at all cost | Audio

Olympian Michael Phelps on mental health, fatherhood and defining himself | Audio

Author Gary Shteyngart on traveling the country via Greyhound and becoming a watch geek | Audio

New novel takes readers inside secret world of Harvard’s private all-male clubs | Audio

Looking at the culture of sexual assault at elite, privileged schools | Audio

Afghan war vet on running for public office | Audio

How to Make Our Schools Safe | Audio

British Prime Minister Theresa May on relationship with President Trump and Brexit | Audio

Puerto Rico: One Year After Hurricane Maria | Audio

An Outlaw of Literature: Author James Frey Reflects on Life, Career and Critics | Audio

Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay McKesson Makes The Case For Hope | Audio

Previewing the Emmy Awards | Audio

Recipe to become your own boss | Audio

Telling Stories From Behind Bars | Audio

The Quest to Build a Heart | Audio

Should You Track Your Kids? | Audio

Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces Harm, Not Help | Audio

NCI Director on the need for more research on e-cigarettes | Audio

Drinking Wine and Talking True Crime | Audio

Breaking Down the Bull Market, Trade and Elon Musk’s recent moves | Audio

Sen. Lindsey Graham reflects on Sen. John McCain’s legacy | Audio

Ex-NSA contractor, Reality Winner, 1st interview since leaking classified docs | Audio

Reflecting on Playwright Neil Simon’s Career and Legacy | Audio

Oscar Health CEO on using tech to change the health care industry | Audio

David Letterman on lending a helping hand | Audio

Actress Judith Light on latest Emmy nomination, Transparent and advocating for the LGTBQ community | Audio

Overcoming Fear | Audio

Football and Samoa, The Perfect Match | Audio

Telling the America’s Immigrant Story | Audio

Ask A Manager: Tips on navigating the workplace | Audio

Dopesick: The reality of America’s opioid crisis | Audio

Putting My Faith in Beyoncé: Life as a Black, Gay Southern Man in America | Audio

David Sedaris on his family and writing what you know | Audio

New Novel Explores Healing Power Of Friendship | Audio

The potential impact of millennial women in the midterm elections | Audio

The Forgotten History of Female Aviators | Audio

Preview of the 100th PGA Championship | Audio

Clinton’s Impeachment gets the Slow Burn treatment | Audio

NYT correspondent on how Egypt sets trends in politics and culture across the Arab world | Audio

Coming Home: How service members adjust to life after deployment | Audio

Why are Millennials quitting their lucrative jobs to travel? | Audio

Hear from the man behind 3D-printed guns | Audio

Alan Alda on his Parkinson’s diagnosis and new podcast focusing on communication | Audio

Fighting to liberate Iranian women | Audio

The Weakening Of America’s Democracy | Audio

Why is the U.S. the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world? | Audio

Father of Parkland shooting survivors joins fight to prevent mass shootings | Audio

Life after a wrongful conviction | Audio

Duck Boat Survivor Speaks Out After Losing Her Dad and Brother | Audio

7 books for your summer reading list that aren’t your typical beach read | Audio

New White House Memoir Mixes Business With Pleasure | Audio

Rolling Stone’s evolution | Audio

Broadway star on her first Tony Award | Audio

Dissecting President Trump’s Foreign Trip | Audio

Preview of the World Cup Final: Croatia vs France | Audio

The Fight for Women’s Rights: Gloria Allred’s Crusade | Audio

The tech world beyond Silicon Valley | Audio

How to talk to your kids about healthy video game use | Audio

Pod Save America’s Dan Pfeiffer on Trump, Obama and the future of the Democratic Party | Audio

The guilt, grief, and unexpected gifts of care giving | Audio

Jackie, Janet and Lee: Three Women’s Quests For Money And Power | Audio

Discussing vaping and e-cigs with your teen | Audio

Telling the Story of Curtis Flowers | Audio

Capital Gazette Shooting Survivor Speaks Out | Audio

How genealogy websites could compromise your privacy | Audio

GLAAD calls for constitutional amendment to protect LGBTQ community | Audio 

Tracy Morgan on comedy, fatherhood, and overcoming pain | Audio

Understanding Suicide and Working to Prevent It | Audio

Dr. LaPook and Dr. Agus on what patients should know | Audio

Teaching refugee and immigrant students | Audio

Ultrarunner Scott Jurek and His Wife, Jenny, On Racing Toward Dreams | Audio

What makes a family? New novel tackles gender, race and parenthood | Audio

Building a life resume one experience at a time | Audio

Permission to Have Feelings, the Power of Emotions | Audio

Previewing the 2018 FIFA World Cup | Audio

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds: The Life and Death of Two Hollywood Legends | Audio

A glimpse inside the Obama White House | Audio

Tackling life’s challenges with inner fortitude | Audio

The challenges, stakes, and delicate diplomatic dance of the North Korea summit | Audio

Harry Hadden-Paton on his Broadway debut and Tony Award nomination | Audio

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” stars on their life-changing roles | Audio

Robert F. Kennedy’s Funeral Train: The People’s View | Audio

Oprah picks former death row inmate’s memoir for her book club | Audio

How Sweetgreen made salad ‘cool’ using data and storytelling | Audio

Author Dave Eggers and Mokhtar Alkhanshali on coffee culture and the crisis in Yemen | Audio

Carnival Cruise President on handling crises at sea and cruising to Havana | Audio

The science behind Kilauea volcano eruptions | Audio

How Twitter has Destroyed Comedy | Audio

The Evolution of the Presidency | Audio

The Truth About Animals | Audio

Iraq vet on helping veterans transition into the workforce | Audio

The Tale of “Roxanne, Roxanne” | Audio

Facing Life After Cancer | Audio

Temple Grandin on the importance of making stuff with your hands | Audio

What Is Time? | Audio

Discovering America’s Towns | Audio

The Potential of Solar Power and How to Harness It | Audio

Former Russian Amb. McFaul on Putin, Trump, Obama and Medvedev | Audio

Questlove on being creative | Audio

Louie Anderson on becoming friends with your mother | Audio

Why you should not seek a tan this summer | Audio

Ronan Farrow on the fate of American diplomacy and winning the Pulitzer Prize | Audio

From intern to designer, Zac Posen on the Met Gala | Audio

Making sneakers from wool and trees, the story behind Allbirds | Audio

From Upstate N.Y. to War-Torn Sudan, a Doctor’s Journey | Audio

The Story Behind “Empire on Blood” | Audio

Hunting Tornadoes in the Sky | Audio

Author Jacqueline Woodson on reading like a writer | Audio

Why Airbnb is joining the concert business | Audio

Grand Strategy: From Octavian Augustus and Machiavelli to Lincoln and FDR | Audio

The Future of Putin and Reflecting on Stalin’s Gulags | Audio 

Meg Wolitzer on her new book, feminism and the importance of mentors | Audio

Cecile Richards on advocating for the underdog and overcoming self-doubt | Audio

Alzheimer’s: It’s impact, the science and it’s future | Audio

Cuba’s Transition of Power | Audio

Unified: Friendship Trumps Politics with Sen. Scott and Rep. Gowdy | Audio

How Pope Francis is pushing the limits and the future of Catholicism | Audio

“Nod Less and Cry More,” says “Dear Madam President” author Jennifer Palmieri | Audio

Silicon Valley’s Jimmy O. Yang on pursuing comedy | Audio

Singer Brett Young on giving country music a new sound | Audio

Country singer Carly Pearce making music for the everyday woman | Audio

Barging into the Hollywood Boys’ Club with Humor | Audio

Elizabeth Smart: Nearly 16 Years Later | Audio

Hillsong Church’s founder on the church’s success and his biggest personal disappointment | Audio

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on race, family and 2020 | Audio

Previewing the 82nd Masters Tournament | Audio

MLK, The Man, In His Final Years | Audio

The Fight for Trans Equality | Audio

Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz on 25 years of making music and new tour | Audio

Pop sensation Grace VanderWaal on her evolving sound and fame | Audio

Derek Jeter on being a team owner, the future of baseball and fatherhood | Audio 

Simplicity and Transparency: Keys to Preventing a Meltdown | Audio

Remembering Comedy Legend Garry Shandling | Audio

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy on body-mind effects, the science behind it and critics | Audio

Traveling outside your comfort zone with Rick Steves | Audio

Karen and Charlotte Pence on their new children’s book and being America’s Second Family | Audio | Video

Puerto Rico 6 Months After Hurricane Maria | Audio

Journalist and author Anna Quindlen on new novel and the “Me Too” movement | Audio

Olympian Scott Hamilton explains why you have to fall in order to win | Audio

Helping the next generation of tech engineers and entrepreneurs | Audio

Pay Attention: Putting your Phone Down | Audio

March Madness Predictions | Audio

Nightmares. Death. Dehumanization. Life of a Border Patrol agent | Audio

Etsy COO on the power of women in e-commerce | Audio

The gift of the Enlightenment | Audio

Weird and morbid medical treatments | Audio

Univision’s Jorge Ramos on DACA and criticism of President Trump and Obama | Audio

A preview of the 90th Academy Awards | Audio | Video

How young, educated, unmarried women are shaping the future of China | Audio

Author Tara Westover’s journey from off-the-grid childhood to becoming “Educated” | Audio

How much of your information is being collected by Facebook and Google? | Audio

Bestselling Instapoet Rupi Kaur on feminism, being a woman of color | Audio

Actress Anna Deavere Smith on her new HBO film and the Parkland student activists | Audio

Author Jodi Picoult on her novel “Small Great Things” and tackling race | Audio

Inside Israel’s Targeted Assassinations | Audio

Would you want to know the date of your death? | Audio

Timing is key says author Daniel Pink | Audio

Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy on coming out, being a role model, and his post-Olympics plans | Audio

Defining Modern Love | AudioAudio

Mastering the dating game and understanding what makes couples happy with eHarmony’s CEO | Audio

The key to a long, successful marriage | Audio

John Lithgow on his new play, “Stories by Heart,” and playing Churchill | Audio

Understanding Virtual Reality | Audio

The science behind the flu with. Dr. David Agus | Audio

Why words matter with author Kelly Corrigan | Audio

How telling your kids “NO” can be detrimental to their development | Audio

Two Dope Queens with Gayle King | Audio

How telling your kids “NO” can be detrimental to their development | Audio

The History of the State of the Union address | Audio

Making 3D printers accessible to all | Audio

Previewing Sunday’s Grammy Awards | Audio

What makes a YouTube video go viral | Audio

Behind the HQ Trivia phenomenon with host Scott Rogowsky and co-founder Rus Yusupov | Audio 

Tips for changing and improving your professional life in 2018 | Audio

Tackling the disability of poor vision in underdeveloped countries | Audio

Meet “CBS This Morning’s” new co-host John Dickerson | Audio

CBS News foreign correspondent Liz Palmer on covering Syria, Russia | Audio

1949: The Birth of Modern China | Audio

Tips for parents on keeping their New Year’s resolution | Audio

Planet Fitness CEO on making the gym a welcoming place for all | Audio

Previewing Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards | Audio

A.J. Finn on new psychological thriller, “The Woman in the Window” | Audio 

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly on being a disruptive force in the industry and the new tax bill | Audio

Keys to eating healthier, losing weight and living better in 2018 | Audio

Having the willpower to keep your New Year’s resolution | Audio

NYT’s Kantor and Twohey on breaking Weinstein story and the conversation it sparked | Audio

Drugs, disco and debauchery: Miami in the 70s | Audio

How to change the culture of Silicon Valley and startups to become more inclusive | Audio 

Lionel Richie reflects on his fifty-year career and being a father | Audio

Advice on discussing sexual harassment and mass shootings with children | Audio

Gloria Estefan on working with her husband, returning to Cuba and President Trump | Audio

Norman Lear: The Family Man | Audio

What the repeal of Net Neutrality means for you | Audio

Helping to take care of “society’s most vulnerable” | Audio

MailChimp CEO on the power of small businesses | Audio

Sandy Hook 5 Years Later: A mother remembers her son and works on prevention | Audio

When the holidays hurt, how to deal with suffering and find healing | Audio

The story behind theSkimm | Audio

Dancing to the edge and back, David Hallberg on his new memoir | Audio

What’s driving the change in Saudi Arabia | Audio

Psychologist Meg Jay on resilience and overcoming adversity | Audio

Travel editor on the holiday travel season, the Caribbean and places to visit in 2018 | Audio

CBS News correspondents Elaine Quijano and DeMarco Morgan recount covering Hurricanes Irma and Harvey | Audio

Jane Pauley on her ground-breaking career and hosting “Sunday Morning” | Audio

Pulitzer-prize winning author Jennifer Egan on her new novel, “Manhattan Beach” | Audio

Basketball legend Shaq and Ring CEO on their partnership and not being deterred rejection Audio

What you need to know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday | Audio

How to survive Thanksgiving with your family | Audio

Esperanza Spalding on her new album, the special meaning of the number 7 and her Grammy moment | Audio

Inside America’s fascination with the assassination of JFK and conspiracy theories | Audio

“Louis the Child” on the state of electronic music, their future & the power of SoundCloud | Audio

The story behind the investigation | Audio

Why Millennials are underpaid, overworked, and under appreciated | Audio

School segregation and diversity with New York Times Magazine’s Nikole Hannah-Jones | Audio

Analyzing President Trump’s Asia Trip | Audio

The female code breakers who helped win World War II |  Audio

Malcolm Gladwell on driverless, autonomous vehicles | Audio

Understanding human behavior and social norms | Audio

How former NFL player Ryan O’Callaghan’s “Note to Self” came together | Audio

“Young Sheldon” star, Iain Armitage, on making the role his own | Audio 

Understanding Open Enrollment for ACA’s Health Care Exchanges | Audio

The siblings behind “IT” and “Jigsaw,” this year’s biggest horror films | Audio

Former undocumented immigrant on becoming a MacArthur Genius and the future of DACA | Audio

Dr. David Agus explains gene therapy and it’s potential | Audio

Nicholas Kristof on the North Korea threat and the opioid crisis | Audio 

Author Jason Reynolds discusses new novel with Gayle King | Audio 

Comedian Patton Oswalt on the loss of his wife, finding love again and the future of comedy | Audio

Pussy Riot founding member on her imprisonment, Putin and the NFL take-a-knee protest | Audio

What five extraordinary leaders during turbulent times can teach today’s leaders | Audio

Dr. David Agus on Breast Cancer | Audio

Advice on parenting teenagers with child psychologist Lisa Damour | Audio

Charlie, Norah and Gayle find out the best way to get a good night’s sleep | Audio

Resisting extremism in Africa with author Alexis Okeowo | Audio  

Surfer Laird Hamilton and director Rory Kennedy on their new documentary | Audio

CBS News’ David Begnaud on covering the crisis in Puerto Rico | Audio

What Equifax’s security breach means for you | Audio  

Understanding the Republican tax reform proposal | Audio

Erin Moriarty on 30 years of “48 Hours” and the show’s new podcast | Audio

Ellen Pao on her new book and the red flags she missed | Audio

Understanding the 2017 Hurricane Season | Audio

Investor and “Principles” author Ray Dalio on the keys to success, meditation, and creativity  | Audio

Advice on raising preteens with CBS News contributor and child psychologist Lisa Damour | Audio

Fall TV Preview with Variety’s Sonia Saraiya | Audio

Emmy Awards preview | Audio

Brené Brown on her new book, “Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone” | Audio

Steve Bannon on Clinton, the Republicans and election night | Audio

Excerpt of Dan Brown’s new book, “Origin” | Audio

Ken Follett on his new book, “A Column of Fire” | Audio

Making sense of the market with Jill Schlesinger | Audio

Author of “Happiness: The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After” | Audio  

Solar eclipse: What you need to know | Audio

A More Perfect Union: The People’s Supper | Audio

Peter Greenberg on travel industry | Audio

Advice on raising kids ages 6 to 10 years old from CBS News contributor and child psychologist Lisa Damour | Audio

Uber’s Chief Brand Officer speaks out about the company’s problems and her journey to Silicon Valley | Audio

Iranian foreign minister on sanctions, Trump and travel ban | Audio

Co-host Norah O’Donnell and team on interviewing South Korean President Moon Jae-In and Exploring Seoul | Audio

The growing popularity of Danish cuisine | Audio

The magic of meatloaf with Frank Bruni and Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times | Audio

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