Lindsay Lohan’s dating history in full as she prepares to welcome first child with husband Bader Shammas
15th March 2023

A much loved staple of many a Millennial childhood, Lindsay Lohan ’s iconic presence on our screens in films such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls cemented her place in our hearts.

However, for the 36 year old actress herself, it was financier Bader Shammas who captured hers, with the pair enjoying a three year long courtship before announcing their engagement in 2021.

The following year, Lindsay revealed they had privately tied the knot as she referred to Bader as her “husband” on Instagram as part of a special post to mark his birthday.

Fast forward one year to March 2023 and the couple were preparing to embark on a brand new adventure – parenthood – as Lindsay officially announced that she and Bader were expecting their first child.

Revealing the news on Instagram, Lindsay shared a photo of a plain white babygro, emblazoned with the words “coming soon” in a cursive script.

Alongside the image, she delightedly captioned the image: "We are blessed and excited!"

Lindsay’s news immediately drew plenty of congratulatory messages from fans, who were delighted to see their favourite star finally find the happy ending she deserved.

The road to finding love has been far from easy for the star, as a string of failed romances littered her path to finding ‘The One’, with claims of abuse and even a tragic death to be found amid her list of exes.

Here, we take a closer look at Lindsay’s dating history and her famous exes.

Wilmer Valderrama

The first of Lindsay’s high profile boyfriends takes us right back to 2004, when the star began dating That 70’s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Aged just 18 at the time, Lindsay dated Wilmer for several months and even told PEOPLE magazine that he was “a great guy.”

"Seriously, I think he's one of the best guys any girl could be with. He's really sweet. It's very fun,” she gushed in one interview.

Although the couple were happy together, Wilmer later revealed that he had struggled with privacy, and had wanted to keep their relationship away from the limelight as it was more “meaningful” that way.

The couple officially split six months after going public with their romance, but still remain good friends.

In 2021, Wilmer went on to welcome a child of his own, a baby girl named Nakano Oceana, with his fiancée Amanda Pacheco.

Harry Morton

Following her relationship with Wilmer, Lindsay later went on to date restauranteur Harry Morton back in 2006, after she met the businessman during her 20th birthday bash in July.

Initially the two shared an uncanny bit of chemistry, however, just two months after starting to date, Harry broke up with Lindsay after dubbed her “too much drama” for him to handle.

The comment came when Lindsay was at the height of her party girl phase, with the star frequently drinking and spending night after night out on the town.

This was especially tough for Harry, who himself was sober and preferred a more private life away from the public spotlight.

Despite breaking up, the couple appeared to remain on good terms, up until Harry’s death in 2019 at the age of just 38.

In a tribute to her late ex, Lindsay took to Instagram to honour his memory, as she shared a throwback snap of the couple together alongside the words: "Best friends. Best life.”

Samantha Ronson

In 2009, Lindsay embarked on an on-off relationship with English DJ Samantha Ronson as she publicly revealed to the world she was bisexual.

Although the relationship soon fizzled out, Lindsay later revealed, almost a decade later, that she was still proud of the time she spent with Samantha, however did admit it hadn’t been easy as the public reception to her sexuality was widely critical.

Speaking on Howard Stern in 2019, Lindsay said: "I was the first one who was like, that came out about, really, for my age.”

Although she and Samantha did fall out after the split, in the same interview she revealed they were now on “good terms” and even likened her to a “best friend.”

“We were more friends than anything,” the star told show host Howard. “We were always more like best friends as well.”

Nico Tortorella

Way back in 2013, Lindsay was jokingly proposed to by her longtime pal Nico Tortorella, when the Younger actor got down on one knee in an adorable Instagram photo.

Joking that it was her “first proposal” the pair laughed it off and continued to enjoy their solid and unwavering friendship, but Lindsay later addressed the situation six years later on a 2019 episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.

"Loyalty is really important to me. I've lost a lot of friends in my life from being, you know, unloyal to me," she said at the time.

"If you lie to me once, I will never trust you again. But that's why Nico was really special to me. I think he's a great guy. I think he's very respectful.”

Nico also opened up about the iconic moment on the Call Her Daddy podcast, when the star admitted it had been a “dark” time for the actor when he made the “proposal”.

"I love her dearly,” he said in the podcast, before elaborating on their “history together” as he admitted they were “kind of, like, seeing each other” at one point prior to the proposal.

The star later went on to marry Bethany C. Meyers in 2018.

Egor Tarabasov

Fast forward to 2016 and Lindsay would once again find herself the recipient of a lavish proposal, when London-based Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov popped the question, leading the pair to get engaged.

Initially seeming like a match made in heaven, Lindsay did confess that she “genuinely fell in love with him” however their bliss wasn’t to last as he later “broke her trust and made her feel unsafe.”

The relationship came to a head that same year, after video footage emerged of the couple in a physical altercation.

Opening up about the split in an interview with the Daily Mail, Lindsay heartbreakingly revealed she had tried to “fix things” but it wasn’t meant to be.

"It's down to him now. I had suggested we go for couples' counselling, but there comes a time when I have to put myself first, my family, and also think about my career which I've worked so hard for,” she told the publication.

“I also don't want to let my fans down by not being the strong woman I have become.”

Bader Shammas

After enduring a rocky road to love, Lindsay finally appears to have found her soulmate in Bader Shammas, with the pair having enjoyed a three year long romance, prior to this week’s exciting baby announcement.

The couple first sparked romance rumours back in February 2020, when a since-deleted group photo showed Lindsay and a group of friends enjoying a music festival in Dubai, with the word “boyfriend” causally mentioned in the caption.

In the photo, Lohan is standing next to Bastille drummer Chris Wood and a man sporting a black jacket, who fans assumed to be her new boyfriend.

"@aliana lovely night with sister and my boyfriend bader" she wrote alongside the photo at the time. "such a magical night.”

One year later, in November 2021, Lindsay finally confirmed her romance as she announced that she and Bader had officially gotten engaged on social media.

The star then shared a rare photo of the couple together in December 2021, which featured the couple adorably bundled up in heavy winter coats alongside the words: "No1 else I'd rather freeze with.”

Seven months later, Lindsay surprised her fans by referring to Bader as “husband” in July 2022, as she revealed they had privately tied the knot and were enjoying their wedded bliss.

“I am the luckiest woman in the world. Not because I need a man, but because he found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that this is my husband. My life and my everything. Every woman should feel like this everyday.” Lindsay wrote on Instagram.

Further joy would then follow in March 2023, when Lindsay publicly revealed that the happy couple were expecting their first child together.


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