Letter brainteaser shows if you’ve got superior IQ & exposes personality traits
9th June 2022

Think you've got good eyesight?

The latest brainteaser will certainly trick your mind, eyes – and even reveal how high your IQ really is.

So shall we begin?

In the image, it begins by asking you to find the letter "b" among the "d"s.

While you might think it'll be easy as the first one is pretty noticeable, the brainteaser gets harder as you go along.

Each time you do find the letter "b", you can move onto the next image.

The Playbuzz website said: "You were able to spot every single b," a notice appeared online.

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It added: "You clearly have a passion for perfection, you like to challenge yourself, and you appreciate diversity.

"You are committed to personal aesthetics, excel in finding problems and solutions, and have a driving force to create.

"You have boundless imagination and an open mind. In simple words: You are simply a genius!"

But if you can spot some of the "b"s but not all of them, you might fall into the "highly intelligent" category.

The note read: "You were able to spot most of the b's among the d's!

"You are a maverick, a rapid learner with multiple skills and interests.

"You are bored if you are not engaged, and constantly require stimulus in your fields of passions."

The test said those who are struggling to find the b's in the image have a lower IQ.

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