Lad dons top with bikini clad girlfriend on to stop her ‘worrying’ on his hols
22nd June 2022

Holiday season is here, and that means for most lads they will be jetting off on their boys only trips.

While the lads are living it up in the likes of Ibiza and Malaga, their other halves may be at home not knowing what to do with themselves.

With these types of trips usually having a reputation of cheating, boozing and other debauchery is it obvious why some women may be a little concerned about the antics of their boyfriends.

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And, Bethany Anniemae is no different in her worry about her fella jetting off without her.

But, luckily for the babe, the lad wanted to reassure her that he would be totally loyal.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 2.4million views, Bethany feared shared a snap of herself as she posed with some ice cream.

“Worried about my boyfriend going on a lads holiday in Malia”, she feared.

However, her worry quickly subsided as the lad sent Bethany a selfie before he set off on the strip.

Sweetly, the boyfriend got a personalised top just for his holiday – with a sizzling hot bikini snap of Bethany plastered across the front of it.

The top read: “I love my girlfriend.”

Hilariously, the boyfriend wore the top with the stern warning out to the club as he busted some moves under the flashing lights.

He even quickly moved away from another woman as she started to dance near him.

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Bethany captioned the post: “The way he instantly moved from the random girl at the end.”

Many people fled to the comments to praise the lad for staying loyal.

One person commented: “He is so loyal to you. So cute.”

Another user added: “Stop how cute.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Just shows that girls will go near even knowing! He’s a good one girl.”

Someone else praised: “Bare minimum.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user noted: “Girls this is the definition of if he wanted to he would.”

But, Bethany is not the only one to have a lad madly in love with her – and willing to prove it on a lads getaway.

Bonnie Penn also went viral on TikTok for sharing her partner's sweet gesture in the club.

Instead of a top, Bonnie’s fella Harry danced around with his phone on his head as he shared a snap of the pair.


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