Kim Kardashian On Track To Double Her Net Worth After Kanye West Divorce
11th September 2023

Kim Kardashian is reportedly on track to double her net worth since her divorce from Kanye West, while the rapper is facing a myriad of financial difficulties since he lost his billionaire status following the cancellation of his long-standing Yeezy and Adidas collaboration.

Speaking to the Mirror, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman predicted that Kim’s business empire will only expand in the near future.

“We are likely to see at least two new business ventures from the entrepreneur, one around the beauty industry like cosmetics, and another one the diet industry like a new shake blend,” the astrologer shared.

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“Elegant, peaceful, and family-minded, Librans are sensitive and seek to help others,” she continued. “Kim’s perfect balance of beauty and brains, emotions and activism, is very appropriate for her sign.”

Kim is currently worth an estimated $1.7 billion, much of which she owes to the success of her fashion brand SKIMS, which earned a $4 billion valuation earlier this year.

SKIMS is planning to expand even more, which will likely bode well for Kim’s personal net worth. The company has announced its plans to open its first physical retail store in the U.S.

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The company is preparing to launch a physical retail store in Los Angeles at the start of 2024. They have already secured a retail space spanning over 5,000 square feet. This store will be situated on Sunset Boulevard, in proximity to popular stores like Supreme and Kilth.

This is expected to mark the initial store among many, as SKIMS is actively exploring the possibility of opening additional retail outlets in various American cities by the conclusion of 2024. Furthermore, the brand envisions expanding its presence beyond the United States, with potential locations being considered in cities such as Paris and Hong Kong.

In addition to her fashion brand, Kim has a number of beauty companies to her name, including KKW Cosmetics and SKKN, both of which she paused production on last year after announcing plans to revamp following Coy Inc. buying a stake in the brands.

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The French-American conglomerate successfully acquired a 20% stake in Kardashian’s company, previously known as KKW Holdings, for a substantial sum of $200 million in January 2021. This transaction placed the brand’s valuation at an impressive $1 billion.

Most recently, this July, it was reported that Kim is in talks to buy back the stake, as she’s displeased with Coty’s handling of her brands.

Kim’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, is also apparently discussing the possibility of buying back stakes in her brand Kylie Cosmetics, after selling a majority share in her company to Coty Inc. last year.

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