Kickin’ It: How Blackpink Became The Most Subscribed Band On YouTube
19th September 2021

Four young, attractive, and delicate girls have made a massive splash in the whole world. The young girls, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, emerged as a K-Pop girl group in 2016. At that time, they introduced their debut album, SQUARE ONE, which featured the songs that totally changed their lives. The Whistle and Boombayah songs hit the charts, which eventually led to their tremendous success.

Blackpink became the highest-charting female k-pop group on the well-known Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200. Well, they managed to enter so many charts for the last five years. They became the top Billboard’s Emerging Artists and top Billboard World Digital Song Sales charts several times. Apart from that, the girls were the first among K-pop groups to reach 1 billion viewers on YouTube; they played at Coachella and were featured on Forbes Asia’s list – 30 Under 30. But that’s not the end; Blackpink’s Kill This Love had over 312 million plays on Spotify and more than 824 million views on YouTube. So, how did they manage to do all that?

How It Started

The South Korean entertainment agency, YG Entertainment, backs Blackpink. By the way, they launched a girl group, 2NE1, in 2009. Although it’s inactive since 2016, they’ve made history in the K-pop industry. So, Blackpink seems to continue this tradition. When their first singles got out in 2016, they gained international success. YG Entertainment is a significant firm in the K-pop industry; they make auditions and train the chosen happy beggars to become idols. For example, Lisa, the most popular K-pop star on Instagram, was the only one selected among 4000 candidates during the auditions!

The girls had to go through several rounds, individual auditions, daily training in dance and music for several years until they became Blackpink. So what made them so famous? “The way they perform, their iconic songs and choreos, their friendship, even the way they dress. Blackpink were on a whole new level,” said Blink to Vogue UK, one of the groups’ fans.

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What’s So Special About The Band

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Several versions explain their popularity. According to Billboard’s staffers, Blackpink is a group of attractive women who don’t sing about cut and dried loss of love and search for a perfect man. Contrary, they seem to be more confident and brave, and that’s the new normal today. Yet, it doesn’t mean they don’t have romantic songs. As If It’s Your Last and Playing With Fire are energetic but have love and passion lyrics.

Another crucial thing is that they are catchy. Indeed, the girls sing in Korean and English, which, by the way, allows foreign Blinks to connect with them. Or, their lyrics are pretty simple, and their energy and style make their fans enjoy the music.

Making Smart Use Of Social Media

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Last but not least, some staffers are sure that social media is a really powerful tool. Today, it allows fans to reach celebrities, who, in their turn, can communicate with them. Well, behind all these accomplishments stands one meaningful partnership. YG Entertainment signed a contract with Interscope Records and Universal Music Group in 2018. “Entertainment today is more global than ever. Music and real talent transcends culture, language, and really has no boundaries,” said Teddy Park, YG’s in-house producer, to Billboard. Consequently, Blackpink performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and on Good Morning America.

Today, K-pop stars collaborate with Western celebrities. For example, a famous South Korean septet BTS confirmed the upcoming release with famed British band Coldplay on September 24. Well, Blackpink already collaborated with Selena Gomez (Ice Cream), Dua Lipa (Kiss and Make Up), Lady Gaga (Sour Candy), and more. And it seems to be continuing.

The girls of Blackpink are called K-pop Queens, not without reason. Thanks to their fame, the Korean music industry faced growth by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Many prominent international outlets have written about the group, like Forbes, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and Rolling Stone. Additionally, Blackpink was the most subscribed and followed band on YouTube in 2019 and 2020. Today, they it over 66 million subscribers. And, they are pretty successful in the field of fashion. They became ambassadors for such brands as Dior, Bulgari, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine. Well, the girls definitely know what success is.

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