Khloe Kardashian & Jordyn Woods’ Zodiac Signs Reveal How They’re Totally Different As Partners
5th March 2019

I think it’s fair to say we’re all pretty obsessed with the whole Khloe Kardashian, Jordyn Woods, and Tristan Thompson love triangle. While we finally got Wood’s side in the whole affair thanks to her Red Table interview last week, it doesn’t seem like the mystery of what happened and who, if anyone, is to blame for the whole thing is going away anytime soon. Since pitting two women against each other is really not cool, I prefer to think of this as an opportunity take a closer look at what Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods’ zodiac signs can tell us about them when they are in love. This isn’t about comparing them to see which one is a "better" partner, just about how they differ as individuals.

Kardashian was born June 24 under the astrological sign of Cancer. Wood’s birthday is Sept. 23, which means she is a Libra. At first glance, these two signs seem to be polar opposites. For instance, Cancer is a water sign which overflows with emotion and leads with their heart, whereas Libra is an air sign that puts balance and harmony above all things and tends to intellectualize everything. However, where these two are very similar is in their aversion to conflict and fighting. Needless to say, this has been an especially trying time for the both of them in their own ways. Here’s what else we can divine about what these two are like as partners, based on their zodiac signs.

How they fall in love.

Romance with a Cancer tends to start slowly and methodically — and then all at once. This is a sign that is all about protecting their heart until they feel safe and secure opening up, and once they do Cancer gives their hearty fully. Once they are in a relationship, they are all-in.

Unlike Cancer, Libra is confident right from the start. This is a sign that is totally comfortable, open, and flirtatious thanks to their social nature. Their connection to Venus means this is a sign that appreciates beauty and is drawn powerfully to people they are physically attracted to. When they are in a relationship, their ruling planet also means they have a romantic streak a mile wide.

What they want in a partner.

Once in a relationship, Cancer needs a partner who will let them feel totally safe to be vulnerable in order to be fully happy and fulfilled. This water sign is brimming with deep and powerful emotions and the need to know they don’t have to hide that side of themselves — because they won’t be able to for long. Not only do they need someone who can handle all their feelings, but who celebrate and appreciate them and won’t be scared off.

For Libra, it’s all about finding a partner who is their equal in every sense — but especially someone who is their intellectual equal. They want someone who can stimulate both their heart and their mind; Someone who keeps them on their toes and helps them to grow and who shares their curiosity about life. They also need someone who is confident and independent enough to give Libra her space and to allow her to fully be herself.

Where they struggle in relationships.

All signs have their strengths and weakness in relationships. For Cancer, it all comes down to patience and a tendency to get a bit clingy. Since they are so connected to their emotions, they can also be very moody from time to time. They also have a tenancy to avoid conflict. Because of this, when conflict inevitably becomes unavoidable, they can escalate quickly and Cancer’s fragile heart can get wounded easily, causing this sign to withdraw quickly back into their shell.

For Libra, the biggest struggle is indecision, particularly about exactly how seriously they want to take the relationship. While early on they are confident, they tend to get less so as the relationship becomes more serious. Libra has a tendency to pull back slightly because they fear losing their sense ons self; They want a partner to balance them, not to overtake them. Also, like Cancer, where Libra gets in trouble is their aversion to conflict. They want harmony above all else, and rather than confront the underlying problem, they can withdraw. Over time, this can cause them to become detached and disconnected from the relationship.

What does all this mean for Woods and Kardashian? Well, it suggests that they are very different people, who behave differently in relationships and have different needs. They also share some similarities as well. However, the relationship I care most about in all of this drama is their friendship, and I really hope that, once all the dust settles, they will be able to mend things and move forward. Tristan who?

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