Khloe Kardashian Asks Instagram to Not Ban Her: 'These Are Nipple Covers'
21st October 2022

"Everyone stay calm. Instagram, don't ban me. Carry on," says Khloe while promoting a "secret project" with Kourtney's Lemme brand.

Khloe Kardashian is working hard on a secret project with her sister Kourtney, and she wants to share it with her fans — without getting in trouble.

Looking stunning in a sheer dress (or maybe a top), Khloe proudly proclaimed on her Instagram Stories Thursday afternoon that she was on set for a “secret project” with Lemme, Kourtney’s new health and wellness line of products.

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Even Khloe didn’t appear to know what was going on, with even her stylist insisting, “I’m not telling you what it is.” What’s worse, she joked in her video that she couldn’t find Kourtney anywhere.

She also posted a second video where she pointed to her chest to emphasize to the powers that be at Instagram that what they were seeing was not what they might think.

“By the way, these are not my nipples, these are nipple covers,” Khloe said. “So, everyone stay calm. Instagram, don’t ban me. Carry on. Nipple covers!”

Over on her own Stories, Kourtney shared Khloe’s video with the caption, “come find me I’m here!” She then followed that up with her own short video, telling Khoe she’s waiting for her in the trailer.

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We get that the Kardashians have lived completely in the public for all these years, but it’s pretty hilarious that these sisters were trying to find one another and reaching out via their Instagram pages rather than, say, maybe just calling? They’re clearly holding their phones.

Kourtney also posted some shots of her getting cute and cozy with Travis Barker, with a caption that this was also part of this Lemme drop coming October 25.

So is it a whole family affair? Does Khloe know what’s going on yet? No other family members have posted anything related to Lemme of late, so it could be that it’s just Kourtney, Khloe and Travis.

Whatever’s going on, Kardashian fans will find out next week!

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