Kevin Spacey breaks silence in bizarre video, faces charge for alleged sexual assault
24th December 2018

Kevin Spacey is breaking his silence with a bizarre video, and he seemed to time its release to right when news broke that he will face a felony charge tied to a sexual assault allegation.

Spacey posted a video on YouTube Monday, titled “Let Me Be Frank,” which appeared to criticize the #MeToo movement in a “House of Cards”-inspired monologue as his former character Frank Underwood.

“Conclusions can be so deceiving,” he says in the video. “Miss me?”

Spacey will face a criminal charge for an alleged assault that took place in July 2016, District Attorney Michael O’Keefe’s office told USA TODAY in a statement. The actor will be arraigned Jan. 7 at Nantucket District Court. 

According to The Boston Globe, which first reported the charge, the incident involved the teenage son of Heather Unruh, a former Boston TV news anchor. Unruh said in a press conference in November 2017 that the Oscar-winning actor was inappropriate with her son, who was 18 at the time, at a Nantucket bar in July 2016 . 

“Spacey bought him drink after drink after drink and when my son was drunk, Spacey made his move and sexually assaulted him,” she said. 

“The complainant has shown a tremendous amount of courage in coming forward,” Mitchell Garabedian, attorney for the accuser, said in a statement to Boston’s NBC10. “Let the facts be presented, the relevant law applied and a just and fair verdict rendered.”

Spacey’s video, posted minutes after The Boston Globe’s story about him, features the actor at the kitchen sink, washing his hands while wearing an apron. “I know what you want,” he begins in character. “Oh, sure, they may have tried to separate us, but what we have is too strong. It’s too powerful. I mean, after all, we share everything, you and I.”

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