Kevin Costner Quadrupled His Net Worth During His Marriage, His Ex Claims In Divorce
29th August 2023

Kevin Costner’s estranged wife Christine Baumgartner is claiming that he quadrupled his net worth during their marriage in a bid to challenge their prenup, which only entitles her to $1 million over two decades of marriage, despite his $400 million net worth.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Christine asserts that during the process of formulating their prenuptial agreement in 2004, Kevin provided a financial disclosure indicating assets totaling $102,716,000. However, Christine now expresses uncertainty regarding the comprehensiveness of that disclosure.

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Looking ahead to 2023, as the pair navigates the complexities of their ongoing divorce proceedings, Christine contends that she holds reason to believe that Kevin’s net worth approaches $400 million, with a liquidity of approximately $24 million in cash.

So far, Kevin hasn’t responded to Christine’s recent claims. The exes are continuing to navigate their divorce, including agreeing on a permanent child support arrangement.

Last month, a court decided that Kevin needed to pay Christine $129,755 monthly in child support for their three children. She was originally seeking over $200,000, though Kevin’s legal team argued much of that money would be used on her, specifically for cosmetic enhancements.

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For months, Christine was refusing to move out of their marital home, despite their prenup stating she would need to do so within 30 days of filing for divorce. Christine argued she couldn’t afford to do so until a child support agreement was reached.

“Christine has not moved out, despite multiple requests that she do so and despite Kevin’s offers to assist her financially in relocation to a new residence,” Kevin’s lawyers wrote in court documents.

“Instead, Christine has taken the position that she will not move out of Kevin’s separate property residence unless and until Kevin agrees to various financial demands,” the filing went on.

Christine temporarily stayed in staff quarters on the property (which Kevin bought over a decade before their marriage), though she’s since moved into a temporary home that costs $35,000 a month. For now, Kevin is covering the cost. Christine’s rental has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a swimming pool, and outdoor firepit including a BBQ area.

Kevin and Christine’s tight prenup seems motivated by his first marriage to Cindy Costner. Without a prenup, the actor had to pay his first ex-wife an $80 million settlement, making it one of the most expensive divorces ever in Hollywood.

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