Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons Spending New Year’s Eve Together: They’re ‘Getting Serious’
23rd December 2018

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are romantically back on in a big way and they’re even getting ready to bring in the new year together.

Kendall Jenner, 23, and Ben Simmons, 22, have reunited after taking some time apart and now that their romance is rekindled, they’re getting ready to enjoy the new year together. The couple are planning on spending New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day with each other as things have been starting to get serious between them. “Things are definitely getting serious between Kendall and Ben, and she’s trying her hardest to not let that freak her out,” a source close to Kendall EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Kendall has always had it in her mind that she doesn’t want to get into a serious relationship in her early twenties, she wants to spend that time focusing on her career, and so she’s always shied away from any kind of exclusive relationship. But, it’s different with Ben, and no matter how much she’s tried to stop herself from falling for him she has, and hard.”

“Kendall & Ben are likely going to spend the New Year together instead of Christmas,” a different source EXCLUSIVELY told us. “He is in Boston for a game on Christmas Day and then heading west for a few games and will be playing the Los Angeles Clippers on Jan. 1. He has the day off for New Year’s Eve and they’ll be together Dec. 31 and Jan. 1.”

The holiday date is pretty exciting for both Kendall and Ben considering how busy they both are. The Philadelphia 76ers team member feels that despite their busy schedules, they can make it work with support. “The way Ben sees it, Kendall can be in a relationship and work hard at her modeling career too, he’s super supportive of her and everything she does and he’s totally not the possessive type,” the first source continued. “Ben loves that Kendall is so independent and successful, he thinks it’s really sexy, and there isn’t a thing about her he would change, he thinks she’s perfect as she is.”

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