Kate ‘suppresses ego’ in video – unlike ‘royal interviews in the US’
3rd February 2023

Kate Middleton and Roman Kemp on the ‘Shaping Us’ campaign

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Kate Middleton, 41, and Roman Kemp, 30, filmed a short video in Hertfordshire last month where they discussed the stigma around discussing mental health. But what was the Princess of Wales’ body language like?

Judi James, a professional body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain.

She said: “This is an extremely challenging piece of filming and Kate not only handles it well.

“Towards the end she manages to pull off the trick of making an unnatural, choreographed and filmed conversation look natural, friendly and even intimate.”

According to the expert, Kate usually has “cupped hands” and goes into listening mode on royal visits, but this was something different.

Judi explained: “We often see Kate chatting to people she meets on royal visits using this style of body language, with the cupped hands or circling hand gestures and active listening skills.

“But here we get to hear her words as well and she shows a formidable but subtle level of talent.”

According to Judi, Kate takes the “lead” with the Capital FM radio presenter.

She added: “Kate leads the first part of the interview, asking Roman about his own experiences with mental health as the pair walk through a park.

“Kate’s choreography might look effortless but she is leading the camera angles here and using active questioning and listening skills, paying careful attention to Roman’s reactions, as she walks along.”

This is “a rare sight” the body language expert claimed for a member of the Royal Family to do.

Judi explained: “A royal conducting an interview rather than being interviewed is a rare sight.

“But Kate manages to suppress the kind of status and ego signals we have seen during recent royal interviews in the US and to work to draw recollections and experiences from Roman rather than the other way round,” she claimed.

Kate managed the whole experience “seamlessly” the expert noted.

“When they swap roles at half time, with Roman interviewing Kate, the change is seamless because Kate still retains signals of empathy and modesty, presenting herself as someone keen to learn and quietly passionate about her cause, rather than lecturing or trying to sound like a guru,” she continued.

“The chat at the end shows Kate looking relaxed and confident, responding in a natural and very warm way to Roman’s points.

“The pair seem able to display some signals of genuine rapport despite their very different careers and lifestyles.”

According to Judi, the Princess managed to find the perfect balance with her “presentation skills”.

She explained: “Kate’s body language and her presentation skills here look smart and professional but without becoming slick or overly performed.

“She manages to promote her cause without promoting herself or over-shadowing her message or Roman.”

Kate’s “Shaping Us” campaign is working to raise awareness of the importance of the first five years of a child’s development.

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