Kate Bosworth Proves Scarlett Johansson Is Ageless with This Throwback Photo
11th May 2019

Actresses Kate Bosworth and Scarlett Johansson go way back as friends, long before the two became famous movie stars.

Bosworth, 36, posted a picture of the two of them as pre-teens alongside two horses from the set of the 1997 film The Horse Whisperer, which was the first movie Bosworth ever acted in.

The film was one of Johansson’s early films, having appeared in Manny & Lo, Fall, and Home Alone 3 beforehand.

14 year old me w/ a 12 yr old #ScarlettJohansson on set of “The Horse Whisperer” (This was my first movie ever, I was so nervous ?) #tbt #1997 ? ? ?

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The two would go on to achieve massive success in Hollywood, with Bosworth starring in such movies as Remember the Titans, Blue Crush, and Superman Returns, and Johansson earning critical acclaim for her roles in such films as Lost in Translation as well as the blockbuster The Avengers franchise.

The Horse Whisperer was released in 1998 and starred Robert Redford, whose character helps Johansson and her horse following a tragic accident. Bosworth plays her best friend in the film.

“I feel like I learned so much from Scarlett, even back then, I actually auditioned for her part (in The Horse Whisperer), and I obviously had no idea what the hell I was doing,” Bosworth said of Johansson back in 2009. “I had never really acted before.”

Bosworth added, “I remember sitting with her, we would always go out and have little dinner, and I would ask her, ‘how are you going to do this scene?’ and she just went through it with me. We were so young, having this really sweet discussion. I learned a lot from her, even at a young age she was obviously so talented.”

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