Kamala Harris Jokes Her First Duty as Vice President Was 'Really Weird'
20th January 2021

Post-inauguration and pre-inaugural ball, Vice President Kamala Harris had some work to do, including swearing in new members of the Senate. Remember, pre-V.P., Harris served as one of the senators from California, so part of today's duties included her welcoming her replacement, Alex Padilla, to the Senate. It was, as she said, "very weird." She punctuated the moment with a genuine laugh and when Pod Save America shared the clip on Twitter, followers were suddenly surprised to recall what genuine laughter on the Senate floor sounds like.

In addition to swearing in Padilla, Harris welcomed new Georgia senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the club.

"The chair lays before the Senate … a certificate of appointment to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of former senator Kamala D. Harris of California," she said, before adding, "Yeah, that was very weird."

Twitter users noted that Harris was already more likable than her predecessor and even the fly that landed on his head during the vice-presidential debates.

After the ceremony, Democrats officially took control of the Senate, establishing an even 50-50 split. Vice President Harris serves as the tie-breaking vote in her new role as president of the Senate.

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