Jillian Michaels Does Not Approve Of Keto Diet To Lose Weight
2nd January 2019

The Keto diet is everywhere these days.

While famous faces like Halle Berry has given it the thumbs up but not everyone thinks it is the best way to lose weight, personal trainer and fitness guru Jillian Michaels does not approve of the new fad diet.

Michaels recently sat down with People magazine to explain why she thinks fad diets, including the hype surrounding Keto, are not the right choices for those looking to slim down. To many, she is the goddess of the fitness world, so when she talks people listen.

For those who are not entirely sure what the diet is, here is a little information. It is low-carb, high-fat and offers many health benefits. However, Michaels is telling people not to do the fad diet. The Just Jillian star explained that one of the reasons Keto is getting so much hype is because it does help people manage their insulin levels. Those levels being too high or low are both not good. But she believes even those with diabetes should not do the fad diet because as long as a person is eating a healthy balanced meal, the insulin levels will be ok.

Now, Michaels issue with Keto is that people may think because they are not eating carbs that quantity doesn’t matter. The opposite is actually true. Calorie intake is still crucial even on Keto. When it comes to losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is all about calorie management and calorie restriction.

The celebrity trainer is sending a powerful message, which is on brand with what she has been telling fans for years. Looking and feeling a person’s best is not about a fad diet like Keto. People need to create a lifestyle for themselves that involves working out, eating clean and not overeating. It is pretty simple according to Jillian Michaels, eat a balanced diet and work out. There is no need for a keto diet based on her expert opinion.

What do you think is Jillian right or wrong about keto?

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