Jennifer Aniston ‘Confident’ She’ll Find Love Again: Is She Dating Someone?
10th December 2018

Jennifer Aniston may have gone through some very public marriages in the past few years but now that she’s older and wiser, she’s feeling better than ever when it comes to her current love life.

Jennifer Aniston looks and feels  amazing at the age of 49 and it’s definitely positively affecting her love life! The talented actress is known for the ups and downs of her public romances, including those of her marriages to Brad Pitt, 54, and Justin Theroux, 47, which both ended in divorce, but she’s ready to find love again and this time, she has all the lessons she learned from her past to help make it strong!

“Jennifer still believes in love, despite going through two divorces, and she’s pretty confident she will fall in love again one day, but it really isn’t something she lays awake worrying about at night.,” a source close to Jen EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Jen’s life is awesome right now, she looks better than ever, feels amazing, has a supportive circle of close and loving friends, and she has total freedom to go and do whatever she wants.”

Despite being confident in love, Jen still wants to make sure she only lets the right person in and because of that, she’s willing to take her time. In fact, she’s trying to do things differently this time around and that may or may not involve marriage again. “Jen feels like it would take an incredibly special man right now for her to consider giving up the single life again, and she’s unsure if she will ever get married again, because she really doesn’t see the point,” the source continued, “Jen is very much of the ethos of ‘never say never’ and she always likes to keep all her options open.”

It will be interesting to see what man will capture Jen’s attention next but since she’s full of grace, beauty, and strength, we’re sure she has tons of admirers that are willing to treat her the right way!

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