Jameela Jamil Is 'Fine' with Fans Not Liking She-Hulk, Not So Much the 'Hostile' Attacks
5th October 2022

"I was told I'm a diversity hire, I was told I would never work again, I was told we should stop letting women write shows, I was told I look disgusting, I was told I would only be remembered for being s—."

The beauty of entertainment, and especially this era of so-called peak television, is that there is something for everybody. With Marvel’s expansion onto Disney+, they’re proving that applies to superheroes, too.

Nevertheless, there continues to be a pervasive undertone of sexism when it comes to genre entertainment, with “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” the latest recipient of this negative attention from a certain subsect of internet fandom.

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Jameela Jamil, who stars as villain-esque Titania on the Tatiana Maslany starring comedy series, has been interacting pretty regularly with fans of the show since its premiere, and made it clear that it’s not that some people don’t like the show that’s problematic, but how they express that.

“TO BE CLEAR. It is absolutely FINE if you personally don’t like She Hulk,” she tweeted out on Monday. “I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some people F—ing LOVE IT. But can we all agree that you don’t need to be *so* hostile when you express your feelings *TO* me. We’re all fans, let’s talk nicely.”

The actress continued to engage with her fans in the comments below that post, where she made it clear that “most people are AMAZING,” but she wonders why it has to get so personal. “It’s art, it’s subjective, we should all be a little chiller,” she wrote.

When a fan asked her what she meant by “hostile,” Jamil did not hold back, commenting, “I was told I’m a diversity hire. I was told I would never work again. I was told we should stop letting women write shows, I was told I look disgusting, I was told I would only be remembered for being shit. You tell me what is hostile?”

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When another fan said that she doesn’t have to engage with people criticizing her or the show, Jamil replied that she wants to get that criticism “so I can learn.”

She said she values Marvel fans, but “can’t hear them when they’re screaming. And when people are randomly rude and personal, it brings up my defense and nothing productive happens.”

The actress admitted she “could be more chill,” adding that she tends to respond in kind to what she’s presented with. “If you’re nice I’m nice,” she commented. “If you’re rude I’m rude. We all need to work on our comms.”

It looks like that very vocal fanbase might just be a minority, anyway, as Jamil proudly touted the fact that despite being unlike most Marvel shows and not sticking “to any old formula,” they “still made it to number 1 in the ratings” and “had a BLAST making it.”

New episodes of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” drop Thursdays on Disney+.

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