Jackie Kennedy, Her Daughter, and Granddaughter Have All Worn This Dress
6th April 2019

Plenty of people have tried to emulate Jackie Kennedy’s iconic ’60s style, but few can say they’ve literally worn the clothes off the former first lady’s back. That is, except for her daughter and granddaughter. (Their advantage — a blood relation — is pretty hard to beat, we’ll admit.)

On Friday, Valentino Garavani himself, founder of the Valentino brand, posted a sweet set of photos on Instagram of a Valentino dress that has been worn by Jackie Kennedy, her daughter Caroline Kennedy, and granddaughter Tatiana Schlossberg. 

You can see the collage of three photos on his Instagram.

“A family affair, as seen on Tatiana Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy and originally on Jackie in 1972,” he captioned the photo. 

As Valentino wrote, Jackie O. first wore the dress in 1972.

Caroline Kennedy wore the dress during a 2010 event celebrating the American Ballet Theatre’s 70th anniversary, which she attended with her daughter, Schlossberg. Schlossberg wore the dress at a 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards event — it’s not a surprise that she opted for the piece, given that she’s taken after her grandmother’s timeless style, it’s not a surprise that it suits her so well. 

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Nor is it a surprise that Jackie’s style has been passed down to her children and grandchildren — especially taking into account how much thought she put into her wardrobe, and how intentional she was about each outfit she wore. 

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