Ivanka Trump hits son Theo in the face during surfing lesson in Miami
11th May 2021

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Watch out, mom! Ivanka Trump hits her five-year-old son Theo in the face with a SURFBOARD while enjoying a private Mother’s Day lesson with her three kids in Miami

  • Ivanka, 39, was pictured enjoying a private surfing lesson with her three children – Arabella, nine, Joseph, seven, and Theodore – on Sunday 
  • The former First Daughter was pictured standing up on her board several times, however she also appears to have taken several tumbles into the water – and at one point her board hit Theo in the face 
  • Thankfully, the youngster appeared to be unharmed, and both he and his siblings were later seen laughing and joking around while floating on their boards 
  • Ivanka wore black leggings, a black shirt, and a long-sleeved blue T-shirt for her lesson, and she had her blonde hair pulled back in a loose braid that hung down her back 
  • Despite falling from her board several times, Ivanka appeared to be in high spirits, and was seen flashing a thumbs up to her kids, and clapping proudly when they stood up 
  • The family had several surf instructors with them to ensure their safety in the water, and one was seen guiding Ivanka’s board into a wave to help her catch the best one 
  • Ivanka’s husband Jared, 40, does not appear to have joined his family for the surfing lesson  

Ivanka Trump’s Mother’s Day nearly ended in disaster when she took her three kids for a private surfing lesson in Miami – and ended up hitting her youngest child Theodore in the face with her board. 

The 39-year-old was seen hitting the waves with her three children – Arabella, nine, Joseph, seven, and Theo, five – on Sunday, however it was far from smooth sailing for the former First Daughter, who suffered several tumbles during the session, as well as a scary collision with her younger son.  

Thankfully, the youngster appeared unharmed, and proud mom Ivanka was later seen waving her hands, clapping, and flashing a thumbs up while watching her kids conquering the ocean on their own boards, all while under the watchful eye of several instructors.  

Ivanka certainly looked the part when she made her way into the water at the start of her surf lesson, wearing skintight black leggings, a black vest, and a long-sleeved blue T-shirt with the words South Beach Surf Club plastered on the front. She was accompanied by a bearded surf instructor as she hauled her white-and-blue board down to the water, before attempting to catch some waves. 

A Mother’s Day disaster! Ivanka Trump took her three kids for a surfing lesson in Miami on Sunday – and ended up hitting youngest child Theodore in the face with her board 

Oh no! The 39-year-old lost control at one point, and toppled off her board, which flipped upside down and crashed into five-year-old Theo

Ouch! The youngster looked as though he was knocked in the side of the head by the loose surfboard, while his mother took a tumble into the water  

Surf’s up! Thankfully the youngster appeared unharmed, and his family carried on with their lesson without any further issues

Going, going… Ivanka took several tumbles off her board during her lesson with instructors from South Beach Surf Club 

Beginner: It is not known whether this was Ivanka’s first attempt at surfing, however she put her full energy into mastering the skill, clambering back up onto her board again and again during the session 

Up and down: Ivanka had a look of intense concentration on her face for much of the lesson as she grappled with the new skill

In exclusive images obtained by DailyMail.com, the mother-of-three is seen eagerly embodying the old phrase ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’, pulling herself up on her board again and again, even after being battered by several waves.  

One series of photos shows Ivanka losing control and toppling over, while her lose board careened towards her youngest child Theo, who appears to have taken a knock to the face.  

Ivanka looked horrified at her mistake, and was seem grimacing as her board headed towards her poor son, her arms up by her sides in an apparent attempt to slow herself down, while their instructor looked on open-mouthed.

Luckily, the accidental collision doesn’t look to have dampened anyone’s spirits however, and the proud mom was later pictured climbing back onto her board once again – while Theo was seen happily floating face-down on his board alongside an instructor and his siblings. 

Ivanka also took several knocks herself; one snap captured her being almost entirely submerged by a wave while trying to stand up on her board, while others show her with her arms outstretched, trying to maintain her balance before falling down into the water.  

Both Arabella and Joseph had a bit more luck on the waves than their mother and brother, and were seen mastering the skill with relative ease, cruising along on a small wave while standing up on their boards, while Ivanka watched on proudly, cheering as they completed their run. 

At one point she had her hands up in the air, yelling out happily as one of her children stood up on their boards – proving their prowess at the water sport.  

Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner, 40, was not seen with his family, although it is unclear whether he joined them later on for a Mother’s Day celebration. 

Still, his wife and kids managed to have plenty of fun without him – at least if the images of their smiling faces are anything to go by.  

Ivanka’s surf session also came just two days after she received her second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at a CVS in Miami – an experience that she made sure to document on Instagram, while urging others to follow in her footsteps and ‘protect themselves and one another’ by getting a shot.   

Blue crush: The mother-of-three did manage to catch several waves with the help of her instructors 

Watchful eye: Ivanka and her kids were joined in the water by several instructors from the surf club, who helped to guide their boards through the waves 

Effort: The proud mother looked incredibly invested in her surfing lesson

Helping hand: An instructor held onto Ivanka’s board as she attempted to catch a wave 

Crash: She was battered by one particularly aggressive wave, and took a large amount of salt water to the face 

Gone! At one point, she was almost completely submerged, and ended up with seaweed covering her legs 

‘This afternoon, I gratefully received my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine,’ she wrote on Wednesday while sharing an image of herself getting the shot on Instagram. 

‘Getting fully vaccinated is the best way to end this pandemic and protect ourselves and one another.’ 

It is unknown whether Ivanka suffered any side effects from the vaccine as others have reported, however by Sunday she certainly looked to be in full health as she battled crashing waves and some seaweed on her quest to become a surfing pro.

Even after getting knocked off her board by a particularly tough wave, Ivanka couldn’t stop beaming happily – and when she finally made her way out of the water, she couldn’t help but laugh and grin about her experience. 

It did look as though the water workout had taken its toll however, and the tired mom was seen leaning over, seemingly left exhausted by her surfing session, having clearly got her money’s worth from the experience. 

According to its website, South Beach Surf Club – which was founded by surfer Chucky Luciano – offers lessons for surfers of all abilities, however beginners are advised to ‘get an introductory hour-to-two hour lesson’.  

Family fun: Poor Theo also had quite a rough go of things, and was pictured struggling to get back up on his board after toppling over into the water 

They did it! Nine-year-old Arabella and seven-year-old Joseph seemed to master the skill fairly easily, and both managed to stand up at several points 

Go mom! Joseph lay on his stomach on his board, while watching his mother try to stand up 

Mmm: Theo’s collision with his mom’s board doesn’t appear to have dampened his spirits, and he was later seen sticking his tongue out, apparently trying to taste the salty seawater 

Taking it easy: All three kids looked relaxed and comfortable in the water, having apparently eased into their Miami lifestyle 

Cheerleader: Proud mom Ivanka cheered and clapped as her kids stood up on their boards 

Woo hoo! She happily cheered her kids on while standing alongside a surfing instructor 

Although the website states that lessons are only available for people ages 10 and up, the club appears to have made an exception for Ivanka’s children – who are all under that age limit. 

Lesson prices start at $100 per person for the first hour, with fees of $50 per person per additional hour. 

The surf club is located about 40 minutes’ drive away from Ivanka and Jared’s new apartment at Arte Surfside, which is situated about nine miles north of South Beach. 

In the months since leaving the White House, in January, Ivanka and her family have been settling into Florida life.

They have bought a $32 million plot of land on Indian Creek Island, on which they plan to build a dream family home.

While construction takes place, they have been renting a luxury condo in the Arte building in Miami’s exclusive Surfside neighborhood.

The pyramid-shaped Arte Surfside was designed by Italian architect Antonio Citterio. One its developers is Alex Sapir, whose organization teamed up with Donald Trump’s firm to build the Trump Soho condo-hotel in New York City in 2008. 

Exhausted! Despite her collision with Theo, Ivanka looked happy – albeit very tired – when she made her way out of the water

Done and dusted: The former First Daughter’s clothing was soaked through as she walked up onto the beach and wrapped herself in a stripy yellow towel 

Good times all round! Despite appearing somewhat exhausted, Ivanka couldn’t stop laughing and smiling 

Where it all began: At the start of the session, Ivanka was seen hauling her large white-and-blue board into the water 

Guide: She was joined by a bearded surf instructor from the South Beach Surf Club, which is located 40 minutes’ drive from the apartment she shares with husband Jared Kushner, who does not appear to have attended the surf lesson 

No side effects here! Ivanka’s surf lesson came four days after she received her second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine

The political power couple could well be considering a move north for the summer, following in Donald Trump’s footsteps. 

Former President Trump was pictured jetting off to spend summer in New Jersey on Sunday after earlier celebrating Mother’s Day at Mar-a-Lago by enjoying a final brunch with son Barron and wife Melania.

The move north helps Trump escape the coming summer Florida heat and puts the former president close to New York’s financial center and within helicopter distance of glitzy parties, where billionaires rub shoulders during the Hamptons summer season. 

If Ivanka and Jared follow, it will put them close to not only the Trumps, but also the Kushners: Jared’s parents still live in New Jersey, where he is originally from. 

Jared and Ivanka’s future career plans remain unknown, but they seem to appreciate being able to kick back with their children after four years of working as White House senior advisers.

The couple have taken the time to check out all of the nearby sights and tourist spots around their new home in recent months, while also enjoying several outdoor workouts together in the area near their apartment. 

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