Inside the Greggs where sausage rolls are half price!
25th May 2023

Greggs delight customers with four-for-55p jam doughnut deal and half-price sausage rolls at new outlet store

  •  Outlet store has opened on Henshaw Street in Manchester 
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A brand new Greggs Outlet store opened in Greater Manchester this week, delighting customers with a four-for-55p jam donut deal and half-price sausage rolls. 

Offering hefty discounts, the Manchester store on Henshaw Street, opposite Oldham’s Tommyfield Market, is the most recent Greggs Outlet opening, bringing the number of stores nationwide to 31. 

Customers in these special Outlet stores will find that classics, such as sandwiches, steak bakes and sweet treats, are reduced by as much as 75%. 

Whilst you can expect to pay £3.60 for a pack of four sausage rolls in a traditional Greggs, you will spend no more than £1.55 on the same pack in the Outlet store — a saving of more than 50%. 

One TikToker revealed his haul of sweet and savory treats from a Glasgow Greggs Outlet branch 

Another TikTok user shared his visit to a Greggs Outlet on the platform, drawing attention to sandwiches priced at only 50p

If you are buying a bake, you will pay £1.25 instead of the £1.80 or £1.90 you would spend in a normal Greggs shop.

With two glazed doughnuts, four jam doughnuts or two yum-yums all priced at 55p, you can also expect to make savings on a range of sweeter items. 

But whilst the savings in a Greggs Outlet are second to none, for some customers there’s likely to be a sticking point with these new stores: the absence of the hot food counter. 

Since they launched last year, a number of Greggs fans have taken to TikTok to share their excitement about the discounts that can be found at the new Outlet stores. 

In a video titled ‘Got a bargain from the Greggs outlet,’ one Scottish fan, Myles Omar (@mylesomar), shows viewers his haul from a Glasgow branch.

He reveals that he bought two cheese and onion pasties, a six-pack of corn topped rolls, three packets of yum-yums and a pack of four glazed donuts for £4.33. 

Donuts here are priced at £2 for two packs, whilst the Manchester Evening News reported that the new Oldham stores offers a four-pack of jam donuts for 55p

Beneath Myles’s post, enthusiastic comments accumulated, with fellow TikTokers asking where the store is and saying that they are going to find it.

One disappointed commenter lamented that she ‘just paid 30 for a McDonald’s’.

Melika Zaidi (@melika_zaidi) also shared a video of her trip to a Greggs Outlet with a friend. 

The two women are very impressed with what they find, calling it ‘sensational’ and expressing disbelief at the bargains on offer. 

Their post garnered almost 400 comments, with one particularly excited user writing ‘Omg didn’t even know these existed!!!’

Greggs launched Greggs Outlet stores to help with the cost-of-living crisis and to minimise food waste. 

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