Influencer who embraces body hair slams woman who thinks ‘femininity is dead’
12th August 2022

An influencer who embraces her body hair has slammed a mum who declared "femininity is dead" as women don't want to look 'attractive" for men anymore.

Spencer Barbosa, 19, boasts over 7million TikTok followers where she often shares her uplifting body positive messages.

But, not everyone has been too keen on the teen’s self-love beliefs – especially on the theme of body hair.

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Previously, Spencer posted a clip of herself showing off the hairs on the lengths of her arms.

However, a TikTok user and mum felt strongly about women choosing not to shave.

She said: “Feminity is dead. It’s like this whole movement, girls just don’t want to be attractive for men anymore.

“This world is so sad.”

Despite the jibe at her unshaven arms, Spencer is not willing to get the razor out anytime soon.

The brunette influencer has now replied on TikTok with a scathing video about her attractiveness has nothing to do with a man.

As she donned a pink crop top and blue shorts, Spencer gasped as she put her hand over her mouth and sarcastically said: “Girls don’t want to be attractive for men?

“Hi, I’m the really hairy ‘gross’ girl in the first video.

“Let me just say, I don’t get into TikTok drama but that p***ed me off.

“It’s an extremely sad world if not only you as a woman but you as a mother think that women are attractive for men”, she slammed.

“I love men, I think men are amazing but I can promise you I don’t look attractive for men – it is for me.

“Also being ‘feminine’ doesn’t mean being hairless. Also the world is not going to explode and die, you will be ok.

“The world isn’t a sad place just because a 19-year-old girl has decided her natural body hair is beautiful, and it’s ok."

Spencer revealed: “I don’t hate shaving, I shave my armpits and I shave my legs and I do it for me because I want to shave it because it’s my body.

“I would never tell you what to do with your body."

Although she now oozes confidence, that was not always the way for Spencer.

She shared: “I started this TikTok account when I was 17 in high school because I woke up every single day and I felt ugly. I didn’t look ugly, but I felt ugly because the media had ‘brainwashed’ me into thinking my body hair is disgusting.

“So I decided to start this safe space on the internet where women could feel beautiful and empowered the way that they are.

“You don’t have to look a certain way.

“I can tell you when I started this account, I didn’t expect another girl to be mad about the fact I want women to feel beautiful , let alone a mother to be mad about that fact."

Spencer finished off the clip by urging the woman to embrace her body, and let others feel comfortable in theirs – whether they shave or not.

**WARNING: Graphic language below**

The influencer declared: “In conclusion, I wasn’t trying to get your panties in a knot because I think that I’m hot and that my arm hair is sexy.

“To the girl in the video, I think you’re absolutely beautiful and I think that you should do whatever you want with your body and if shaving every single square inch of your body and having no hair on your body works for you then that’s what works for you.

“But it’s not what works for me.

“I’m going to braid my arm hair since it’s so long and gross”, she chuckled after confirming her TikTok account is a ‘safe space’ for girls to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Spencer’s reply has now racked up a huge 13m views and endless comments of support.

One person commented: “If body hair isn't feminine… why are we born with it. Girl as a mum, as a friend, as a stranger. You are gorgeous with or without hair.”

Another user added: “The world needs more people like you. I love you.”

While a third fan praised: “You’re beautiful girl! Love that you talked about this.”


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