‘Incredible’ woman shares how she looks ‘so young at 50’
4th February 2023

Charlotte Tilbury makes woman feel ’20 years younger’

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Fabiana is a 50-year-old TikTok creator who shares tips on how to “feel fabulous” with her audience of 86.5K followers on the page @feelfabulousbyfabiana. Her fans have described her as looking “incredible” and “amazing” for her age, to which Fabiana explained: “I am asked a lot, how do I look so young at 50?”

According to the life coach, who helps people gain “a positive self-awareness and self-love” as part of her work, looking good as you age is about embracing the changes and working on your physical and mental health.

“Age is not a barrier,” she said. “It’s a limitation you put on your own mind. Looking and feeling good over 50 is possible for anyone. You can do it.

“Just make the right choices to get you there. And the way to do it is by making healthy choices every single day.”

In a video, she explained: “I choose healthy foods keeping a balance.” Fabiana further explained that this means eating “nutritious and balanced meals”, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t treat yourself on occasion either, as Fabiana shows herself in videos enjoying a glass of wine every now and then.

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“I exercise three to five times a week,” she added. In another video, Fabiana shared how she moves her body “every day”.

“This is part of what needs to be done to look fit at 50 years old,” she explained. “You also need healthy nutrition to maintain your body always healthy. You need to sleep well to have energy and good brain function to be able to create consistency. Consistency is key.”

In one of her videos, Fabiana shows herself doing a weights and conditioning workout as part of her weekly exercise routine.

However, it isn’t just how she fuels and moves her body that makes a difference. Fabiana explains that a lot of the reasons for looking good begin with how you feel on the inside.

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“How you choose to see ageing is exactly how you will experience it,” she explained. “It’s a fact, we all get old. It’s part of being human.

“So allow me to ask, why do so many people freak out about ageing to the point where they will do anything and spend any money to try to look young forever? This is all connected to our sense of self-worth.”

Fabiana encourages her clients to do things that will alleviate stress and boost their self-worth from within.

“I choose to have healthy relationships,” she said. “I always choose the perspective that serves me. I basically focus on my mental and physical health. Most of all, when you feel young and good about yourself you look good to others.”

In a caption on one of her videos, she continued: “Manage your stress. Find the way that works for you. Choose healthy relationships.

“Set boundaries, when you say yes to others, confirm that you are not saying no to your values. Do something for you every day. That could be to have your one cup of coffee by yourself in the morning.

“Your job should keep you in peace with yourself. That doesn’t mean an easy one. It could be challenging but not damaging or stressful. Those are all choices.

“Choices you can make every day on the way you live your life. Getting old is a fact for every human. So instead of trying to escape it by hiding the effects of ageing on your looks, look for ways to embrace it, by building a healthy life for your final decades of life.”

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