I'm worried my girlfriend has lied about being just mates with her ex
20th December 2018

We’ve been together for five months and are in love. She’s 22. I’m 24 and have been cheated on in the past.

After four weeks of dating, I stayed at hers. We had the most wonderful sex and she said she loved me.

But when I went on Facebook the next month, I was shocked to see photos of her with her ex that were posted two weeks into our relationship.

She’s admitted they met up – his grandma had died and we’d only just started to date.

She had a holiday booked with him and even after we met, she considered still going with him as a friend.

That’s not happening now but can you see why that’s worrying me?

DEIDRE SAYS: I can – but I think this is about you feeling insecure rather than anything your girlfriend has done wrong.

What matters is knowing she loves you now and has chosen a future with you.
You are worried history will repeat itself but don’t let fears from the past spoil something good.

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