‘I’m quitting the adult entertainment industry – the OnlyFans boom is over’
22nd May 2023

A woman who has become a core part of England’s OnlyFans scene has shared that she’s considering quitting the industry for good.

Fenella Fox, 29, from Bristol, made a name for herself online because of her refusal to cave into pressure to shave.

It is this that catapulted her OnlyFans account – as men loved seeing her hairy underarms and bikini line.

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Sadly, she recently picked up the razor after feeling bullied into doing so due to weight gain.

Now she feels disillusioned by the industry entirely and plans to eventually leave.

“Lots of people are leaving the industry or have left the industry recently,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

“It seems the ‘pandemic boom’ of OnlyFans creators is coming to an end.”

This isn’t the first time that Fenella has quit the industry, first doing so when she moved to Australia to start a new life. Sadly, the pandemic made her move back to the UK.

In the three years she’s been back, the 29-year-old has made roughly £470,000 on the platform, started a new social media management business and invested in the stock market.

The brunette beauty feels like she's gained everything she could from the platform and no longer needs it for her success.

While Fenella is considering leaving it all behind, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have good advice to those who are thinking of entering the adult entertainment industry.

Her most important tip is to make sure you set strict boundaries otherwise, you could end up doing things you don’t want to do.

“I used to tell people if they’re thinking about joining the adult industry to note down their boundaries and goals because it’s easy to be swept up in it,” she explained.

“I would tell friends that asked to ‘Get what you want and get out’.

“You could start off being someone that only wants to post fully clothed foot photos and two years later you’re engaging in face-showing hardcore porn.”

While sex work once gave Fenella the freedom she craved, this is no longer the case.

She is sick of being sexualised and wants to feel ownership over her body again.

“I think we can become detached from our bodies and the people around us,” she said.

“It’s different for everyone but I’m looking forward to no longer being sexualised and objectified every day!”


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