‘I’m glad Christian family disowned me over racy job – but won’t forgive them’
20th December 2023

Earlier this week a raunchy model who was famously kicked off the ice at Winter Wonderland over a miniskirt tweeted: “I find it funny when people leave hate comments about my family disowning me. I’m still very glad that it happened and wouldn’t change a thing so thanks for agreeing.”

Lowri Rose, 24, stopped having a relationship with her family when she was 'grassed on' by someone at her local church after she started selling naked pictures.

At the time her stepdad phoned her to say they wanted nothing to do with her and ever since then the former law student has not been welcomed.

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The Cardiff babe grew up in a strict Christian home and she obediently went to church twice on Sundays – but turning to OnlyFans left her loved ones seething.

And after writing the above tweet, we reached out to Lowri to ask about the trolling she now receives because of her family struggles.

Asked about the comments, she told us: “I don’t read comments too often but I do sometimes catch some on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok laughing at my situation. It’s mostly just people trying to laugh at my trauma with that whole situation because I do OnlyFans so in their heads it’s just justified to leave abusive comments.”

As for whether it bothers her, she added: “No because I wouldn’t be here now without making the decisions I made. I wouldn’t have the friends I have or the financial freedom I never had.

“Also, no person worth listening to wasted their time leaving hate comments on other peoples pages. If they were more focused on themselves they wouldn’t have reason to hate.”

Lowri also described being “grateful” that her family did what they did because she said she was never able to be herself during her younger years.

She also spoke about being shamed for making choices that were right for her and how now one of her biggest values is being true to herself.

Lowri added: “I also didn’t realise the severity of my childhood trauma until I started talking about it this year and it’s been extremely difficult to process so I’m glad the ties are cut.”

And asked whether she would be willing to accept an apology if any of her family members reached out one day, she was quick to say no. Giving her own context as to why not, she said: “They’re too prideful to admit they’re wrong. The whole reason why this happened in the first place is because of their pride.

“Even if they did, the mental trauma I’ve suffered due to my upbringing and how they cut me off with no conversation is unforgivable. At the time I was seeing doctors as my mental health was at its worst and they knew that and decided to leave me on my own anyway. That is not something I’ll ever be able to forgive.”

Lowri now has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and her career has thrived since her family fallout two years ago.

She ended up joining OnlyFans after gaining half a million TikTok followers before her fans kept asking her to start a racy account.

Rather than rush into it, she took 12 months to consider it properly before deciding that it was something she wanted to do for herself.

As for now being proud of her achievements, she said: “Everything I have is because I provided it for myself. I’m extremely independent and hardworking because I have no choice not to be.

“I think it taught me a valuable lesson about not relying on anyone besides myself. I’ve also done TV work, won a modelling competition and appeared on the Sideman.

“I’ve had lots of other amazing competitions because of ties being cut with my family. I have nothing to hold me back.”

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