‘I’m a real-life alien – people attack me because of my extraterrestrial look’
12th May 2023

A self-described “bimbo alien” who has always felt like an outsider has revealed the hate her appearance has elicited.

Freyja Phoria, 27, from London, has been intrigued by alternative fashion and interesting aesthetics since she was very young.

The “erotic entrepreneur” now spends her days expressing herself the best way she knows how – through her appearance.

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Sadly, she has faced unfair treatment from the general public due to her unique look.

“In the past, I've had people throw objects at me from their car, attack me in the street and become incredibly defensive over what they don't understand or can't accept when I've not even initiated any involvement,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

“This is one of the reasons I feel very disconnected from the majority of humans and liberate myself through being an alien.

“I can't comprehend their backward beliefs when there's always the time and the space to project positivity into the world and learn from others.

"Life should be about having fun, not resorting to hostility and violence because you don't understand something.

“It's important to have your beliefs challenged every now and then and open up to different cultures and ways of thinking and not stagnate by being set in your ways.”

Freyja said it’s hard to pinpoint when she started dressing differently because as a kid she was insistent on incorporating things into her image – like face gems and colourful clip-in hair extensions.

By the age of 11, she was heavily into gothic culture and had already developed quite an extreme image.

Now, she identifies as an alien and an “intergalactic blow-up doll”.

“I purposely fixate on the concept of being an alien further than being inspired by otherworldly creatures because I have always been an outsider,” she said.

“I'm autistic and I often feel disconnected from how others behave and feel so identifying as an alien has encouraged me to embrace my differences as something beautiful when I was previously taught otherwise.

“Identifying as a bimbo allows me to further accept other autistic traits I have. For instance, I excel in alternative ways of learning and subjects and I am extremely creatively driven, but by society's way of learning, I was always called dumb because I couldn't learn academically like others.

“I embrace being ‘dumb’ by society's standards because I don't need to justify my intelligence to people who would judge me for not being academic.”

The bimbo lifestyle also allows Freyja to indulge in kinks, fetishes and hyper-femininity.

It also allows her to have control over her appearance in a provocative yet creative way.

She continued: “Identifying as an alien bimbo and intergalactic blow-up doll is a cathartic release and an expression of my true self.

“My inspirations are derived from space and cosmic beings as much as they are by sexual empowerment and hyper-feminity and the two in combination create an endless source of inspiration, creativity and confidence for me.”

Freyja’s hair is currently made out of plastic crafting lace which she ties into pigtails or space buns and she wears synthetic extensions at the front to get a fake shiny look to blend in with her own hair.

She also likes to have long acrylic nails that are almost incapacitating, false eyelashes and big platform trainers.

Futuristic clothing in shiny, tight fabrics and lilac holographic lipgloss are also staples.

While it is easy to see why people would think that Freyja has had plastic surgery to help with her out-of-this-world appearance, she claims she's only had lip injections.

“I do still get a lot of hate but it truly goes unnoticed,” she shared.

“I don't have the time or the interest to care for the opinions of those too close-minded to accept me as a creative individual or as somebody who possesses human emotions.

“It's usually from people battling through their own personal insecurities so it'll be a projection of the things they don't like about themselves.

“I think, for the most part, people aren't sure how to respond to the sexual nature of my appearance because they have their own repression or trauma that restricts them from being open.”


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