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5th December 2022

IF you've ever suffered from crippling neck pain, you aren't alone.

It's thought around one in five Brits are affected by the disruptive ailment each year, according to a study in the BMJ.

Now, one doctor has revealed how you can safely alleviate your neck pain instantly.

In a video shared on social media, Dr Aliya Visram, a chiropractor and acupuncturist based in Canada, demonstrates three ways to stretch your neck.

To stretch or alleviate tension in the back of the neck Dr Aliya suggests tucking in your chin, while dropping your neck to one side and holding for 15-25 seconds.

To relieve pain at the front of the neck, the expert suggests tucking in your chin, pushing your chin up diagonally for 15-25 seconds.

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For a more general neck stretch rotate your head up and down diagonally starting at your shoulder for 10 to 15 seconds.

While doing this hold down the part of your body where the neck meets the shoulder on the opposing side to where you start the stretch, she explained.

All exercises should be repeated both sides to feel the stretch on both sides of the neck.

Dr Aliya shared an explanation on TikTok, where she posts videos as @draliyavisram where she tries to educate people on the benefits of stretching.

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The video garnered over 90,000 views – and people flocked to the comments to share their reactions.

Many agreed the movements helped ease their pain.

One said: "Thanks – my neck hurt so much to the point I was crying."

Another added: "My neck just cracked for the first time in a while, thought it was stuck, thanks."

When to see a GP

You might have gotten used to your neck pain, but you shouldn’t put up with it.

The NHS states that you shouldn't experience the pain for longer than two weeks.

Here's when you should see your GP

  • if the pain lasts longer than a couple of weeks
  • if painkillers aren't working
  • you're worried about the pain
  • you have other symptoms such as pins and needles or a cold arm

Medics state if you're experiencing pain then you should avoid doing anything that could be dangerous because you can't move your neck, such as driving or cycling.

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you should also keep your neck moving and don't wear a neck collar

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