‘I’m 48 and I love wearing sexy outfits – I’ve become more confident with age’
19th November 2022
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    A glam mum said even though she's nearly 50 she loves wearing crop tops and sexy outfits – and she's only become confident with age.

    Rose Cordeiro, 48, was born and raised in Southern California, US, and lived there for 41 years until she moved to the Bay Area in Northern California.

    She now lives in Texas where you'll find her flaunting her fabulous bod and making brilliantly sassy TikTok videos.

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    The mum said she's determined not to let age define her, and she lives by this view.

    Perhaps this is why her videos of herself dancing have proved to be so popular on social media, with some of her clips having gone viral.

    As someone who didn’t grow up with social media she said it’s pretty fun and amazing to see how many people she's been able to reach.

    In a world where society "dictates what women should be like", she said she'll never let her age stop her from doing anything that makes her happy.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Rose said: "I became a mum at a fairly young age of 23, and had four children between that age and 38.

    "During that time I didn’t really take care of myself, and felt unhealthy, because I was dedicating all my time for my family.

    "After my fourth child I realised I needed to start investing in myself, and change my unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy and fit one, so I could feel better about myself – not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

    "Between this time, 38 to my present age, I have learned that age truly does not define you.

    "I feel like as long as you put your mind to something, you can achieve whatever you want to regardless of age or really any other circumstances."

    Rose admitted it's taken her a decade to really change her lifestyle, introduce daily exercise into her routine and to ensure she's always active.

    Even so, she said she's not in her best shape at the moment, as she's "fallen off the wagon" a few times over the years.

    At the moment she's trying to get back into a routine to stick by.

    "I have learned to embrace my body at all different stages," she added.

    "I feel as I have gotten older I am definitely more confident, and some ways I express this confidence is through my dancing, and wearing what makes me feel good.

    "I do this on my social media platforms because I want to show other women that it’s ok to embrace your body at any age.

    "My views on what women should wear over 40 is anything their heart desires.

    "There’s no rule book on what you should wear as a woman.

    "I say wear what you’re comfortable in, wear what makes you happy, wear what makes you feel sexy and confident in and never let anyone tell you you can’t."

    Even though Rose often posts snaps of herself in crop tops and bikinis, her favourite thing to put on her back is active wear.

    She also loves flaunting her bod in shorts and crop tops and – when she gets the chance – she loves to doll up and wear sexy dresses too.

    The proud mum admits sometimes she can face criticism on social media, but tends to just ignore it.

    She said: "I will respond to comments like 'you’re too old to be dancing on here' or people assuming I’m a grandma, and 'shouldn’t be doing what 20-year-olds do' or 'you’re doing this for attention'.

    "Since when is 48 too old to dance and have fun? Dancing and having fun isn’t only reserved for 'young people'.

    "And as far as some assuming it’s for attention – I don’t need it.

    "Some people just can’t understand it’s purely really just having fun, and showing others that age is really just a number."

    Rose also said she thinks being positive is part of the secret to living a happy life, and thinks personality plays a big part in this too.

    She describes herself as a natural optimist, extrovert and carefree person, and doesn't think it's worth worrying about things you can't control.

    "If you want to be happy then it is totally up to you," she added.

    "If you think positive and exude positivity then that’s what you get back, and that is what the world will give you.

    "I do intermittent fasting, I lift weights, I love to dance everyday, I live a fairly active life and I religiously take care of my skin.

    "I have a daily skin care routine, and I never go to sleep with any make-up on.

    "I plan to approach my 50s the same way I approached my 40s – I’ll still be lifting weights, dancing, going hiking and what I’d love to do more of is traveling, because I believe experiencing the world is what makes us rich – not material things."

    To anyone who may be struggling with confidence, Rose said the best advice she would give to them is not be afraid of who they are.

    She said not everyone will like you, but it's nothing to worry about as "it's not your problem, but theirs".

    Rose said: "Beauty truly comes from within, and not how people perceive you.

    "It is how you perceive yourself. Learn how to love yourself and know your worth and confidence will follow."


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