I was kicked out of the priority bus seat by an elderly passenger
23rd February 2023

I was kicked out of the priority bus seat by an elderly passenger – I have to sit there because of my travel sickness, old people can be so entitled

  • Autistic woman said elderly passenger grabbed her by the arm to make her move
  • Posting on Reddit, she said the situation left her feeling ‘scared and angry’
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A woman has revealed how she broke down in tears after an elderly passenger kicked her out of a priority seat on the bus.

Earlier this week, the woman, from the UK, opened up about the experience on Reddit.

In the post, the woman explained how she always tries to get a seat near the front of the bus as she suffers from travel sickness.

She wrote: ‘Today I went on the bus and as soon as I sat down an old lady grabbed me by the arm (strong enough that it hurt).’

Despite the bus being mostly empty, the woman – who is autistic – says the elderly passenger was adamant that she should have the priority seat.

Sharing her experience on Reddit, the woman, from the UK, said the situation left her feeling ‘scared and angry’

The woman wrote: ‘She blocked the entrance to the bus and insisted I give up my spot.’

As she didn’t want to bring more attention to herself, the woman did move to another seat – but said the incident left her ‘in shock’. 

She added: ‘I REALLY HATE being touched and this old lady not only laid her hands on me but also put me in such in uncomfortable position. 

‘Had I said no, I feel like people would have been angry at me for not giving up my seat to an old lady.’). 

As she had initially feared, the woman said that her new seat left her feeling nauseous for the rest of her journey. 

She added: ‘I ended up spending the whole trip in the back being motion sick but also just so scared and angry.

‘I DONT WANT ANYONE TOUCHING ME WHATEVER THE REASON. I’m still in tears now and I really need support.’ 

Other members of the Reddit forum blasted ‘entitled’ elderly passengers and said the woman had been ‘assaulted’ 

Describing how the situation had left her feeling helpless, she added in a comment: ‘I just feel like there’s nothing I can do or could’ve done. I really disliked entitled old people before and this did not help.’ 

In the past 24 hours, the woman has been met with an overwhelming amount of support from other members of the forum. She then went on to say that she has officially complained to the bus company.

One replied: ‘That was assault. You were assaulted and bullied. You have every reason to be upset. That’s not upsetting just be cause you are sensitive to being touched, that is universally considered assault. 

‘Strangers are not allowed to touch strangers. No one is allowed to touch anybody aggressively. I’m so sorry that this happened. Give yourself plenty of extra self care today.’

Echoing this sentiment, another added: ‘That is assault. That is an appropriate situation to call the police. 

‘Nobody should ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, grab you like that and get away with it, ever, full stop. Hope you’re feeling a little less motion sick.’

‘Tell them you have a disability and require a certain seat,’ a third said. ‘Honestly, old people are so entitled.’

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