‘I used to be lesbian until I fell for man 30 years older – our sex is amazing’
12th August 2022

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A 26-year-old has opened up about her age gap romance as she never thought she'd be in a heterosexual relationship.

Aliyah Coleman first saw 56-year-old Keneth when she started her career as a secondary school teacher in September 2020.

She was instantly attracted to the dad-of-two which was "rare" as she had previously only been interested in women.

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But the teachers, from Texas, US, hit it off and became inseparable after a staff night out.

Now fast forward a few years and the lovebirds took their relationship to the next level by tying the knot.

She said: "My family and friends weren't shocked by the age gap; they were shocked by gender!

"I never considered being with a man before, I had just got out of a three-year relationship with a woman.

"But I had a strong connection with him, and it broke me out of the box.

"I was instantly attracted to his looks, knowledge and throughly enjoyed listening to his stories.

"I knew from the get-go that I wanted to marry him; something I had never felt before."

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Aliyah added: "He is the first man I have ever dated, and our sex life is amazing.

"His age doesn't make a difference, we do it at least five times per week."

The teacher admits "pursuing" Keneth for several weeks before they started to date.

She claimed she was intrigued by him and would go out of her way to speak to him more at work.

And when it comes to age, Aliyah doesn't care about the gap.

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Thankfully for the pair, everyone has accepted their relationship, apart from some at work who think Aliyah is after Keneth's money.

She admitted: "However, we are both teachers and earn a decent living. We split everything.

"An age gap relationship can be hard if you are concerned about other people's opinions, but we don't."

Some also questioned what the couple have in common, but Aliyah insists they enjoy board games and the desire to travel.

And she was relieved when Keneth told her he had a vasectomy.

She added: "It was great news as I have never wanted to be a mum. Most of the time we forget about the age gap.

"Our home is full of games; we have a shuffleboard and a ping pong table. We play games every day."

But it's not all fun and games as Aliyah is anxious about Keneth's health and future.

She detailed: "Last year, Keneth developed sepsis and was in intensive care.

"But I must remind myself that nobody is guaranteed to live to 100, something could happen to me in my 20s."

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