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18th October 2023

MCDONALD'S is launching six all-new menu items today including a never-before-seen burger.

The fast food giant is famous for shaking up its menu, usually every six weeks or so.

Last week The Sun was invited for an exclusive tasting of the new additions, including a never-before-seen Philly cheese steak-inspired burger.

The fresh menu hits UK and Ireland menus today from 11am at the fast food chain's more than 1,000 restaurants.

Today's menu drop will also see the launch of two Halloween-themed McFlurry flavours.

There's also a twist on the popular McCrispy burger, and fans will be thrilled to know the popular Chilli Cheese Bites are back.



McDonald's launches 2 new McFlurry flavours – but fans go wild for another treat


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Each has been specially picked out for the autumn season, using new flavours.

What's more the fast food chain has heard fans' cries and has finally introduced a nine-piece chicken McNugget meal which is launching today as well.

If you want to try these additions then don't hang around because they will only be on menus until November 21.

I rated them out of a total of five for taste and appearance.

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Philly Cheese Stack – 4.5/5

The Philly Cheese Stack is a Maccies take on the classic Philly Cheese Steak sandwichCredit: McDonald's UK

The Philly Cheese Stack is a Maccies take on the classic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

The original sarnie is made up of thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak and melted cheese in a long hoagie roll.

It was unlike any other McDonald's burger I've tried before, largely due to the unique cheese sauce.

That as well as the two other slices of cheese made each bite a cheesy delight.

The two-patty burger also comes topped with both grilled and crispy onions, something I haven't personally seen at Maccies before.

I also liked the unique bun too which was toasted and covered in sesame seeds.

I've never tried a Philly cheesesteak but if it's anything like the Maccies burger, I think I'd be a fan.

My only slight complaint is that there could have been slightly more crispy onions, just to add a bit more texture to the gooey cheese.

It will cost you £6.99 for a medium meal.

McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse – 3.5/5

The all-new McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse burger is a fresh twist on the fancy chicken burger which hit menus for the first time in 2022.

Since then Maccies has also launched the McCrispy Deluxe which was around for six weeks over the summer.

Having now tried all three I have to say the chicken burger is one of the best of all the fast-food chains' offerings.

It's made up of a crispy chicken breast fillet with a BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion, and lettuce.

It's encased in a fancy looking sourdough-style sesame-topped bun.

I was impressed that there was BBQ sauce on both the top and the bottom halves of the bun to avoid it tasting dry.

The chicken fillet was pretty big, which while that's a good thing, actually made it tricky to eat as the bun was so much smaller.

Of course, the size of the fillet was vary from burger to burger though.

It's a bit pricier than the other burgers on the menu and will cost £7.39 with a side and a drink.

M&M's Halloween McFlurry – 5/5

I was thrilled when I saw the new menu included all-new McFlurrys, as the chain tends to roll out the same ones on rotation.

After trying the new M&Ms variation, I have to say it might be the best one yet.

The combination of the sugar shapes and the chocolate pieces work really nicely together, providing different textures with a bit of crunch too.

Topped with a tasty Galaxy chocolate sauce, it's one of the best McFlurrys I've had and I would personally say it should be made permanent.

Having so many toppings on the ice cream means that every spoonful is packed full of taste, texture and flavour.

The McFlurry comes in two different sizes: the original and the mini.

These cost £1.99 and £1.49 respectively.

Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry – 4/5

When I spotted the Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry I was intrigued to see how it would differ from the classic Twix dessert which has graced the menu several times before.

After seeing that it's actually topped with a toffee apple sauce I was mildly concerned, I can't say I'm the biggest fan of artificially fruit-flavoured desserts.

But after the first taste, I was really pleasantly surprised.

The combo of the sauce with the Twix biscuit pieces as well as chocolate bits worked really well together, particularly when enthusiastically swirled with the ice cream.

I like that it's pretty different to any of the other classic Maccies McFlurrys.

It too costs £1.99 for a original size and £1.49 for a mini.

Toffee Apple Pie – 3/5

The Toffee Apple Pie is an autumnal version of the iconic Maccies Apple Pie.

It's a crispy pastry filled with a spiced apple compote and toffee sauce, with toffee pieces.

The snack is the perfect warming treat and differs just enough from the classic version but not too much.

The toffee sauce in particular is a welcome addition, adding some extra sweetness to each bite.

Fans of the original and of the Chocolate Pie from the summer will be pretty impressed.

It costs £1.99 and is also available until November.

Toffee Apple Donut – 3.5/5

I was a bit apprehensive to try the Toffee Apple Donut due to it being filled with the apple compote.

I haven't had a fruit-filled doughnut before, other than the classic jam, and I didn't really know what to expect.

Tucking into the sweet treat the toffee sauce and crumble pieces provided a nice texture to the top of the soft dough.

I had to take a couple of bites before reaching the apple-filling but once I did it was really tasty – sweet but not too sweet and a great accompaniment to the crumble pieces on top.

My only slight grumble is that the filling didn't seem to be evenly spread around the ring, which would have made it better.

The new doughnut costs £2.19.

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Meanwhile, here's the full run-down of the items hitting menus today and their prices.

Plus, parents have been left fuming after buying a McDonald's Happy Meal for their kids and finding the latest toy missing from boxes.

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