I don't like my engagement ring. What now?
26th August 2023

TALKING POINTS: What should you do if you don’t like your engagement ring? We want to know what YOU think

  • What would you do if you didn’t the ring your partner chose? Should you give it time or bite the bullet and tell them right away? 
  • We want to know what YOU think 

Picture the scene: you’ve recently gotten engaged to your partner. The proposal was everything you could have ever wished for, from the setting, to the heartfelt words. Now you can’t wait to start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Everything is perfect, except for one, rather awkward thing. You don’t like your engagement ring. 

Do you grin and bear it, hoping you’ll learn to love this, most sentimental of all jewels? Or do you risk offending your partner, by either swapping or even significantly altering the ring that your partner painstakingly picked out for you? 

It’s a debate Meghan Markle reignited this summer, when, after being spotted on various outings minus her enormous sparkler, a source revealed that she was in fact having it ‘fixed’ again, after making a previous significant change to the setting in 2019. 

This led readers to wonder if she was less keen on the design of the original ring than originally thought and whether these alterations were actually an opportunity to change the style completely.

While some asked “Who changes their engagement ring? It’s supposed to be special?” others felt she “had every right to make it hers.”

Whatever the Duchess reasoning for altering her ring, engagement ring etiquette is a hot topic and we want to know how YOU would handle this delicate situation. 

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