‘I avoid son’s school activities so other mums don’t find out I sell sex tapes’
21st November 2022

A mum who regularly makes six figures selling racy content on OnlyFans stays clear of her son’s school activities to avoid gossiping parents.

Mayara Lopes is a former cleaner who now earns fortunes as a racy model to fulfil her dream of providing a “beautiful life” for her teenage boy.

The Brazilian babe drives a flashy Mercedes and treated herself to a “crazy expensive” boob job in Beverly Hills, US.

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But despite being unmissable, you won’t catch her mingling with other mums at school.

Speaking with Daily Star, she said: “My son is the reason I work so hard.

“I’m a single mum and I don’t really have anyone to rely on, so my OnlyFans made it possible for me to afford a good education for him and it allows me to always be home for him.

“It’s the perfect job. I’ve never had any problems with my son’s school because I try my best to keep him out of social media.

“And I don’t participate too much in school activities to avoid parents digging up information about me. My son isn’t a sports kid so that’s made that easier for me.”

Mayara, 35, moved to Florida, US, from the small Brazilian city of Jacareí in 2013.

Unable to afford two tickets, she left her son, now 15, at home while she began cleaning three mansions a day in the states.

Eventually she founded her own cleaning company but packed it in to earn “life changing” money on OnlyFans.

She is now reunited with her son but the prejudice she endured for being on the raunchy platform perhaps explains why she keeps a low profile at his school.

Mayara said: “I’ve been discriminated against so many times over this.

“I tried working in an influencer agency and they were so weird about involving me in events because of my content. They asked me not to mention OnlyFans and such.

“Besides that, my last relationship was soul crushing to me when I heard my ex saying he didn’t want his family to know of me because I do porn.

“That’s a very personal type of discrimination but the most hurtful because it comes from people you love.”

But swapping cleaning for a saucy modelling career has been more than worth it.

She “no longer recognises” her old life that was plagued with financial worries, which is a big contrast to how she is today.

The stunning mum added: “The best thing about being on OnlyFans is the sky's the limit.

“Everything is possible if you work hard. I love being able to travel and make money on the go. I can make my own schedule and the financial stability that it offers is just amazing.

“I built my social media presence until I was able to profit from my looks. It might sound shallow but it’s a privilege and skill not many people have and I am proud of that.

“I am proud of being able to move back and forth and make decisions I believe are better for my son and I without worrying if I can afford it.”


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