HS2 route is rich in Anglo Saxon secrets with skeletons and historic items dug up
16th June 2022

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Archaeologists found 141 burial sites rich in “grave goods” in Wendover, Bucks. Finds included jewellery, weapons, shields and beads plus hygiene kits of ear wax removers and tweezers.

TV historian Dan Snow said: “This stunning set of discoveries on the HS2 route can tell us more about how our predecessors lived, fought and ultimately died. It is one of the best and most revealing post-Roman sites.”

The items, found last year, date from the fifth and sixth centuries when other records are rare so they will help reveal what society was like.

The finds feature on the History Hit streaming service and podcast today and will then be analysed for clues as to their owners.

The team of 30 field archeologists from Infra JV, working for the high-speed rail route and builders Fusion JV, also found evidence of Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman communities.

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