How wild child Alison Mosshart was tamed by Damian Lewis
10th August 2023

How wild child Alison Mosshart was tamed by Eton-educated widower Damian Lewis – after getting together 14 months on from the death of his wife Helen McCrory

  • The Florida-born rockstar, 44, has been dating the Homeland actor since 2022
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Alison Mosshart and Damian Lewis looked smitten as they smooched in the sea in St Tropez while the sun shone down on them yesterday – fans of the Homeland actor will no doubt be pleased to see him smiling again following the tragic loss of his wife two years ago.

Helen McCrory, known for her roles in the Harry Potter films and BBC series Peaky Blinders, died in April 2021 at the age of 52 after being diagnosed with breast cancer, leaving behind Damian and their two children Manan and Gulliver.

Shortly after her death, Damian wrote a heartbreaking tribute to Helen in The Times where he revealed his late wife wanted him to find love again – joking his children have said that their mother ‘wanted daddy to have lots of girlfriends’. 

Just over a year after her death, Damian was spotted with Florida-born wild child Alison, 44, who has been the frontwoman of rock band the Kills alongside Jamie Hince since 2001 and was also in The Dead Weather with Jack White.

As the couple, who have been together for at least a year, pile on the PDA and Alison posts on Instagram about her new flame’s ‘beautiful’ music, it seems the public-school educated father-of-two has tamed the wild child in Alison – while she has brought him back out of his shell amid his grief.

Florida-born rockstar Alison Mosshart, 44, and Londoner and Eton-educated actor Damian Lewis, 52, were packing on the PDA in St Tropez this week as they smooched in the sea  

Speaking to the Independent in 2020, before she began dating Damian, Alison told of her wild days with her bandmate Jamie as they toured the US performing in dive bars before she even owned a mobile phone.

She recalled herself and Buckinghamshire-born Hince taking turns to drive across the nation and landing in all kinds of trouble – including being pursued by police in a high-speed car chase in Ohio.

She said: ‘Our hearts were racing. I was filming our conversation. We were talking. Then all of a sudden, the smoke and dust behind us cleared and in the rearview, I saw the cop just standing there. We just screamed.’ 

After the pair were finally apprehended by the police, they were taken into custody and had to hand over their money – leaving the pair so broke they ended up sleeping in their cars.

The wild child singer and songwriter is one half of rock band the Kills, alongside Buckinghamshire-born Jamie Hince (pictured)

Damian and Alison have made several sweet appearances on date nights since they went public with their romance in 2022

Despite having a party girl reputation, Mosshart has denied using drugs and said she always preferred cigarettes, red wine and coffee.

As she was questioned about a 2011 comment her bandmate Hince made about her vocals, which had shifted during their time in the band, she replied she had no response to what he had said and insisted: ‘Nobody tells me what to do.’

Since the pair were first pictured together, they have been spotted on several sweet date nights in the UK and the US – and were recently spotted together in New York City enjoying some al fresco drinks while Damian relaxed with a cigarette.

In May, Damian posted a sweet selfie on Instagram of himself and Alison, who were both clad in Statue of Liberty memorabilia, as they pouted on the Hudson river after visiting the New York City tourist landmark.

He captioned the photo: ‘I mean what would you do with a day off?’ 

In May, Damian Lewis posted a sweet pouting selfie of himself and Alison as they played tourists for the day and visited the Statue of Liberty

As they piled on the PDA during their loved-up holiday to St Tropez this week, the couple were enjoying some downtime following Alison’s promotional tour for the Kills’ new album and a short break in Damian’s own tour, where he is performing songs from his debut album, Mission Creep.

While Alison and Damian continue to make loved-up appearances, the pairing has gained the approval of Alison’s 76-year-old mother, Vivian.

She told MailOnline last year: ‘I don’t know how much flak I’m going to get for all of this but of course we are excited for her.

They have mutual friends. I don’t know exactly how they met but I’m fine with it. If she’s happy, we are happy. I’m yet to meet him but certainly I’d like to.’

Vivian said she was aware of the actor’s heartbreaking background story – but was less familiar with his lead roles in hit shows such as Homeland, Band of Brothers and Billions, in which Lewis played hedge-fund titan Bobby Axelrod.

‘I think I’ve seen Billions a couple of times but normally we just watch movies. I heard he has a new show coming out but I haven’t seen any of it,’ she remarked.

Speaking about her daughter’s character, she said: ‘She’s not an easy one to sum up. She’s a complicated, beautiful lady, and very intelligent.

‘She’s so very talented in so many areas that it constantly surprises us. It amazes us, actually. We are very proud.’

Although they come from very different backgrounds, with Damian having been educated at the most prestigious boarding school in the UK, they both share a deep love of music as Damian embarks on his new career.

And after his album was released in June this year, she posted a sweet tribute to him on Instagram. 

Sharing the artwork for his album cover, Alison wrote: ‘Hugest congrats to [Damian Lewis] on release day of his first album on Decca. This record is beautiful inside and out. Happiest release day baby!’

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