How to remove crumbs from the toaster
5th March 2021

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Crumbs in your toaster are out of sight and therefore may often be out of mind when it comes to your regular cleaning schedule. However, bread crusts, crumbs and stray poppyseeds will regularly get stuck inside your toaster and could over time begin to burn, causing a terrible smell each time you use your toaster.

How to remove crumbs from the toaster

Every piece of toast you make will leave some crumbs behind.

But as these crumbs will be out of sight, it may be hard to remember this is happening.

A growing pile of crumbs inside your toaster may seem harmless, but over time it can clog up your toaster and become a fire hazard.

To avoid this risk of fire, simply make an effort to clean your toaster on a regular basis.

The frequency of your toaster cleaning depends on how often you use it, but generally, if you have toast every day, you should empty the crumbs tray once a week.

If you use it less frequently, you may be able to opt for cleaning it once a month instead.


  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Two microfiber wipes, one damp and one dry.


The first and most important step is to make sure your toaster is unplugged.

If you fail to take this step you could potentially end up electrocuting yourself, so take extra care to unplug your machine before attempting any cleaning.

You should also make sure your toaster is completely cooled before you begin cleaning.

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Next, pull out your crumb tray and shake away any loose crumbs into your sink or bin.

Most toasters have a removable tray at the bottom here the majority of crumbs live.

The removal of these trays is very helpful for the cleaning process.

Smeg’s home economist, Clare Edwards says: “Choosing a toaster with a crumb tray, such as Smeg’s, is essential to keep it clean.

“Simply pop out the crumb tray, located at the bottom of the toaster, and empty it into the bin with no need to awkwardly turn the toaster upside down over the bin.

“For toasties, make sure your sandwich toaster rack has a solid base, like Smeg’s, to catch any crumbs or cheese spillages.”

However, if your toaster does not have a crumb tray, there is no reason to panic.

Simply opt for the old fashioned method of upending your toaster over your sink and gently shaking it.

You can also do this step if your toaster has a tray and you wish to make sure to dislodge any loose crumbs which have not fallen onto the tray.

For those with a tray, once the loose crumbs have been shaken off, you should then wash it with warm soapy water until clean.

Make sure to dry the tray thoroughly before putting it back into your toaster.

For the rest of your toaster, you can use a small pastry or basting brush to get into the hard to reach areas of your toaster.

Wipe down the exterior of your toaster with a soft, damp cloth.

You can also use a gentle dishwashing soap on the exterior of your toaster if necessary too.

If your toaster is stainless steel, you can use a bit of white vinegar and a cloth to polish the exterior as well.

Once you have completely finished cleaning your toaster, replace the crumb tray and reattach your toaster to the power source.

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