How Geri Halliwell ditched saucy wardrobe to dress only in white – including to muck out animals
30th September 2021

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Geri Halliwell has undergone quite a transformation since her time as Ginger in the Spice Girls.

Known for her saucy wardrobe and that iconic Union Jack flag dress, Geri now Geri Horner, has ditched all remnants of her past to dress exclusively all in white and some of her fans have noticed the odd change.

Perhaps an unusual choice of colour to pick considering she lives in the countryside, Geri hasn't touched colour – unless it's black – since early 2019, and wears it to tend to smelly farm animals, drive dirty tractors and walk their many dogs.

Fans pondered over Geri's decision to wear the colour asking in the comment section of her Instagram page: "Does anybody know why she is always wearing white clothes? Doesn't make sense."

"Is there a reason you always wear white / cream not that there is anything wrong with that just curious, you do look fab by the way," wrote another.

"How practical is it for a mother with children to wear all white?" queried another bemused follower.

According to some sources Geri, who married F1 boss Christian Horner in 2014, decided to adopt a new signature look to appear "clean and ladylike", and the singer has even addressed it in one of her posts.

Sharing a snap of herself covered head-to-toe in mud while wearing a knee-length hooded puffa jacket and white jeans, Geri pointed out her error in the caption but didn't seem to mind the mess.

"Guess what happened to me today? But I’m still alright /all white!"

In March 2019 Geri was seen wearing a light blue long-sleeve top to pose with pancakes she had whipped up.

Aside from this, she's rarely seen in anything but white, and recently attended the James Bond No Time To Die premiere in a white dress.

The star was also spotted out and about walking her dogs while wearing an all white outfit, including jeans, coat and trainers.

She did don a green dress for the Spice Girls reunion tour as well as a remake of her Union Jack dress, but even her backstage photos featured her in various white outfits.

Geri, who is mum to Bluebell and Monty, prefers to wear all white when riding her horses, mucking out their sheep or donkeys and loves a long-sleeved knit for spending time in the kitchen or playing outdoors.

She opted for a stunning full-length dress while on holiday, and even wears white swimsuit, and is a fan of all-white ski suits. and

There was a time when Geri was a fan of a sparkly mini dress or a full-length blue gown, but no longer.

One source told the Sun of her transformation: “Geri has lead a very colourful life, but earlier this year she decided she wanted her clothes to become more muted. She loves white clothes – she thinks they look sharp, clean and ladylike.

"And she has told her stylists to only bring her white outfits from now on.

"Her new sophisticated look has led some of her pals to joke that she is becoming more like Posh Spice.

"But with her gorgeous red hair, there’s no chance of anyone forgetting which Spice she is anytime soon."

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